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Sunday, May 15, 2011

From Twitter 05-14-2011

RT @neverwear: only ONE MORE day to get @neilhimself HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES print here:
Here are all the National Doodle Day Doodles: affordable art. Or at least doodles.
@__Nevermore__ that's hilarious. Good luck with your #thesis
@Paul_Cornell exactly six years ago today, Father's Day was broadcast. Um.
A photo from 372 days ago. I had a beard, Dick Curtis was editing VINCENT & @steven_moffat was young & unspoiled
@Paul_Cornell Yes. Later today I strap my pads & celery on and I will walk nervously onto the pitch.
@mishakaz Keep writing. Fix it when it's done.
@Paul_Cornell Mm. Even new fit & healthy me will be Bad at Games. Put me in at the end.
@NoFuckingArrest Sure. Hello. (Waves.)
Weather for today: scattered showers across the UK. Perhaps the Rain Gods will send them around 6.00pm, so people stay in &watch the telly.
@Paul_Cornell I'm not sure. I should, shouldn't I?
@NoFuckingArrest I love FLIP. But Do not think I will be able to come in 2011.
@rclarkie We'll do it somewhere else. Or something like it. Or something.
@Bonebabe It has a few scary moments. Should be fine as long as as a parent is there. And a lap.
@steven_moffat It'll rain later. Do not worry. We offended the Rain Gods, after all.
@Paul_Cornell I was planning to pace, nervously, alone. Possibly offering strangers cigars.
@Peter_L_Jones Nope. But at 6:30...
@raliel thanks Robin!
@stevefuller Yes. But we need the rain to start earlier, so everyone gets settled indoors.
@steven_moffat We offended them in Cardiff and it rained for 2 weeks, didn't it? It'll work. Trust me.
@mrseance @steven_moffat sigh...
@mrseance @steven_moffat It's such a good thing that the Times keeps itself locked away behind its firewall, then.
RT @steven_moffat: To enjoy @neilhimself's wonderful Dr Who tonight, stay away from The Times. Explains the entire plot while claiming n ...
Right. I'm going to bed now. Tomorrow I think I'll stay off computers and suchlike, for my peace of mind. Hope you all enjoy the Doctor Who.
RT @hodgman: @neilhimself I cannot wait for tonight
@filmboyslim @steven_moffat Watch Dr Who Confidential. It's brilliant, this week.
Wow. So many tweets from today. About 20,000 of them (!) Thank you all. You can ask me DW questions at (Guardian blog)
Also, over on under videos, I'm interviewed about a couple of scenes that didn't make it into the episode...
@RantzHoseley Oh good. #CurseNouNeil
@NSlayton Nope. Never heard any of the Big Finish productions, although I hear some of them are really good. #DoctorWho

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

From Twitter 05-13-2011

I loved this blog by Adam Rex: An Open Letter to Everyone Who Thinks it Must Be Easy, Writing Kid's Books.
@MrTeller Yes. But you can stretch out all the way in YOUR seat-bed...
Adam Rex, who wrote the blog I linked to, is a great writer & amazing artist who has just joined twitter as @MrAdamRex. Make him welcome.
@fairuza Bad phone. Also, I zoomed through LA but didn't see you. Next time. Food and stuff.
@katespeak the only bluefin tuna I could see them selling was farmed, from Australian bluefin tuna farms.
You remember I was talking about my excitement about how many amazing readers of audiobooks are out there? Check out
And if you're an author, an agent, an actor or an audio producer/engineer, you should go and look at Big plug from me.
(By readers of audiobooks, I mean people who read them aloud for other people to listen to. Not listeners. Narrators.)
@idwatchyoudie One reads an audiobook in front of a microphone, for several days, usually.
The National Doodle Day Doodles are up on eBay
Over on the BBC Doctor Who site, for my episode, you'll find previews, clips, and now a downloadable Ood mask.
@LiamRudden thank you! But @neilgaiman is a sort of empty account.
@TeeManX good. It feels good.
@bindiyayagnik He might be frightened or bored. I was three when I saw my first episodes of Dr Who, and loved being frightened and thrilled.
@denofgeek Will try and find the time.
@LiamRudden Thank you! I was just thrilled & lucky they let me play with their toys, & that they did such a wonderful job with the script.
@Design_Assassin I'd wait for the real thing. The less you know the first time, the better.
@drwhoonline watching the Zarbi and the Menoptera at my grandparents' house in Southsea. I was 4.
@davegibbons90 If the bar gets BBC 3, the Dr Who Confidential that follows is a cracker. Really one for the fans.
@thatswedishgirl @budgie Is that the same roller derby that @hollyherself is jeerleading at?
@Paul_Cornell I hope you like it. More than anyone, I hope you like it. You were so instrumental in it having happened.
Perhaps there's still someone who doesn't know that my episode of Dr Who goes out in the US & UK on Saturday. But I ...
@LeeAHarris Just expect it to be sort of average.
@ConfinedWriter The Police boxes were painted concrete, I believe.
@hayleycampbelly You moved house while I wasn't looking. I missed the Van saga too. #badTwitterFollower
RT @RockingJamboree: A Read-In for Civility at the Minnesota State Capital, this Sunday! ...
@Rednax42 very deliberate
@somemrsreynolds Thank you. 'M a Very Important Marshwiggle.
@bromley001 It really is.
@amandapalmer Have a wonderful holiday, lesbian/bi wife of the day. Stretch hard. I love you. Goodnight.
Just realised that my computer is still on LA time, and it's actually two hours later than I thought it was. Goodnight world. #timefail
@MikeLuoma Do they have someone you can talk to? It's not a trademark infringement. You ought to be able to point this out.
@MeowTopia LOVE. I hope you like it!
@goodlucklando and Ireland too. You didn't mention Ireland.
@stericketts do not think. Just be.
@GyozaMan no, and no...
@MikeLuoma let me know what happens.
This made my blood boil. "The disgraceful interrogation of L.A. school librarians" - #savethelibrarians
RT @BBCAMERICA: Exclusive: More of Neil Gaiman (@Neilhimself) on "The Doctor's Wife" Now LIVE. #Doc ...
@hump_zilla congratulations!
So @Guardian has a series called My Hero. For their SF special I wrote about Gene Wolfe.
@carlygirlwriter @Katers_Potaters I'm pretty sure that it's @indeciSEAN doing all the work, and he is undoubtedly running as fast as he can.
RT @BostonComicCon: Neil Gaiman speaks at the Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH on Wed June 22nd at 7:30p! Tix onsale June 1st! ...
RT @tzarchameleon: This Sunday 1-4, Join me for the #MNReadIn for Civility at the #MN State Capitol! @neilhi ...
RT @neverwear: only TWO MORE days left to get @neilhimself HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES print here:
All my sympathies. RT @lesliecaldarera:I was one of those unfortunate Teacher was actually worse than Mr. Tobar related it.
@edunbarMPR sent you an email with queries on MPR's role in @repmattdean attack talk. Can you respond ASAP?
It says on that after my episode screens they'll put up lost scene videos. *I* haven't seen lost scene videos. #wibble
@Knittress I don't know yet.
Today's USAToday blog has @michaelsheen talking about being in my Doctor Who episode...
@hannahlobb god yes.
@Grasbysaurus ...what? #mightexplodewithexcitement
Congratulations to @thejillthompson whose Little Endless book, Delirium's Party, is on the NewYorkTimes bestseller list
RT @DoodleDayUSA: 2nd batch of doodles are now up for bidding! New doodles by @neilhimself and @frankenteen ...
@BostonianGotham tomorrow, saturday #beenlivingunderarock
@DonQuixokie I thought they were okay -
@RamaTheVoice that's great!
Great article from Tor website about #8in8, with their favourite videos n' all...
@carlygirlwriter I am an idiot. Or at least, very distractible. #8in8
RT she's right. I did. oops. @carlygirlwriter: @neilhimself Um, I think you forgot to post the link :-) @tordotcom #8in8
@LncArtStudios What's the Latin for Keep Writing?
@Chelseyblair Just saw you've got a chapter in the Mythological Dimension book! Brilliant!
The lamppost in the woods, in spring, at dusk.
@Chelseyblair I can't wait to see it.
@MythicDocWho the five abstracts look fascinating and very different.
@nataliefisher it is true. What did he say?
@Pami_Therese good!
@HeathrowKitters doesn't everyone?
@earthami That's so nice.
Today's @GuardianBooks is an SF special. Here SF authors write about books & authors they love. Ignore grumbly comments
@Chumplet It's on Space tomorrow at 8 pm per their schedule.
@DalekThay They fight crime.
@DalekThay - I really need a full-size Dalek in the woods, don't I? Damn.
Adams, Asimov, Clarke, Ballard, Vonnegut are interviewed over at @GuardianBooks SF Special

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

From Twitter 05-11-2011

The people at the next table got an apology from the chef and free desserts. I chew a dry but oily stirfry and am English & stoic & grumpy.
@grantimahara it's the wisest course of action. (Did you see the photo of @amandapalmer in the t shirt?)
@finnporter no.
@Mark_Sheppard doomed by englishness!
@gralinnaea it's my own fault. Must remember how bad this restaurant is for next time.
@fionacarlin exactly
@waider I will.
@juliahobsbawm say hullo to @hayfestival @peterhay for me and especially to @PollySamson.
@anouchkaharris good luck!
In the runup to Saturday's episode of Doctor Who, I thought I'd post photos from my studio trip last year. This is t...
@astonishingjack He's amazing!
@WeAre3ForME Didn't I already RT an ME thing today? Or am I losing track? @Stroopwaffle
@jerett In a hotel in Los Angeles. You'll be fine.
RT @steven_moffat: @neilhimself Are you going to post ALL the photographs you took? The internet will be full up. We'll have to start a ...
@WeAre3ForME not to worry.
@faceofboe Er. There's nothing spoilery about any of them. I say Spoilers if there are spoilers.
Especially for @steven_moffat. Taken in Cardiff. I didn't blink. Unfortunately, the image of an angel is itself and...
RT @steven_moffat: @neilhimself is now tweeting from 1482.
@jamaintolentine I reply to lots of my readers in the Philippines. And would love to come back.
Wife apparently released by Dutch police. Huge relief. Also, the danger of unregulated ukulele-playing in the Low Countries now abated.
@Peaceheather I like her!
Arrested wife footage "@GeekInParadise: @neilhimself Video of the incident Glad she's out!"
RT @amandapalmer: dear Amsterdam, sorry I got arrested & the gig ended prematurely. you will all have to come to Utrecht tomorrow. love, afp
@grantimahara It is at and is probably safe for work, given where you work.
@fairuza for playing the ukulele in public, I think.
Remembering Douglas Adams in the Guardian. So odd to realise I'm now older than Douglas, who was always older than me.
RT @cleolinda: RT @HelpWriteNow: Want a signed book by @neilhimself? Up for bid today!
@EmlynB He definitely died. I can't call him up or email him any more.
RT @markjeffrey: A little announcement about @neilhimself, @margaretatwood and I: ;)
Ridiculously thrilled to learn that both of my shorter stories from last year are 2011 Locus Award Finalists
And INSTRUCTIONS by Charkes Vess and me is Locus nominated for ART BOOK too! Brilliant!
@CultBoxTV Er. That's a bit spoilery.
@TonyNoland @Dannigrrl5 I wouldn't have minded. I liked the flash.
I learned Douglas Adams had died being interviewed by @MolaramLives who was in Tokyo and had seen the news. It shook me & still shakes me.
@amandapalmer I love you with all my heart, jailed wife. And would have smuggled you in a file in a cake.
You're right. And I won't. RT @GretasTARDIS: @neilhimself @amandapalmer your wife's a badass, man. never let that shit go. not ever.
Am I the only person that looked at today's Google animation & wrongly thought it celebrated the Order of St Beryl?
@zer_netmouse awww
@fairuza It's Holland. You can't be too careful these days.
@DrWhoExpert Happy Birthday, Steven!
@IreneGallo DO IT! #Bedazzledweek
RT @Violaine: @neilhimself Myke Amend is collaborating on a beautiful piece of art, and the Kickstarter page could use a boost. http://t ...
@Violaine RT'd.
@hollyherself - And they are charging REAL MONEY for it too. Wow.
I am a proud father. My daughter @hollyherself, young milliner, has her 1st hat for sale, in Fenwick's of Bond St:
@cbvillagomez I was out of characters.But I am a very #prouddad
@emmastraub buy one directly from @hollyherself. it will be cheaper than the one in the fenwick's window.
@Gormengast you are welcome!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From Twitter 05-09-2011

I am auditioning audiobooks to be my next thing I listen to while exercising. SKETCHES BY BOZ failed the audition.
The frogs in the pond/ sound like a thousand Trimphones/ calling from the past. #mynightinhaiku
@keyamoni How can ou prepare to enjoy Sketches by Boz more?
@raptordingo that was why I went Audio.
@docbrite Will do. Forgive me if I slip occasionally: it's been 20 years.
@Hans_Karl I bet I can. Or if I can't, I bet @birdchick can help me figure out a way to record it...
If you're in psychic contact with my dogs, please let them know it's a thunderstorm, the world isn't ending & to let me go back to sleep.
RT Cardboard & girl moustaches! @FMUK: My Tesla video is yet to be retweeted! Please share my little Serb!
RT @Trivunluzaic: @neilhimself Could you please RT this, for the sake of Ugandan liberty?
@JaimeColomaT good luck!
@ShirleyTipsy beautiful!
In this actually spoiler-free review @io9 suggests you use my episode to convert your friends to Doctor Who fandom.!5799824
Also this lovely @cultbox advanced spoiler-free review DOES actually have some (small) spoilers in it: Which is nice.
My biggest concern now is that people will build it up too big in their heads. I just hope people enjoy it. Especially kids. #DoctorWho
@MiklCraw4d Let's wait and see if thr world is still talking to me next week.
@Starmongoose I agree.
RT @Lbartsch: @neilhimself plz RT city wants 2 close 12 of 16 libraries! Oakland Library supporters gear up for tough fight. http://bit ...
@The_Art_ofGRIMM oops:-) Coraline.
@postshaggy yup.
@raevenclaw gaym'n
@ravensward weren't the SIDRATs in black and white?
@NickSetchfield I'm so glad you liked it!
@CassandraLong wonderful new Kate Bush interview up at
@Cerithomas That makes me really happy! Say thank you to her for me.
@CassandraLong scrap that. It's not available out of the UK. Hmph.
@BackstageRider How's this? Hands from me, @benfolds, @amandapalmer & Damian from @OKgo...
@MarkRanumMN I wrote back to them, but maybe they haven't checked their email yet.
Can't tell if this is News because I'm going to be on WITS, or because I've donated my fee to Charity again. Bit mad.
@StribBooks would they be happier if I kept the money...?
@ryanvanasse Why? It's not a public speaking fee.
Apparently the WITS why-is-this-a story? will be in the @Startribune tomorrow. Hope it mentions
@nitesider20 Not unless it's important, and this all looks very silly. Can you contact my assistant Lorraine (@fablor) during working hours?
RT @SouthrnPrincess: @neilhimself Please RT All 4 Alabama Disaster Relief Auction begins tomorrow at 10 a.m. CST
@nitesider20 Mm. The last @startribune article left the bit about my fee going to charity out of the print edition. Any explanation?
@nitesider20 Get what straightened out?
@nitesider20 it's back up!
@inkblot14 still claiming copyright on it, I see.
@amandapalmer - You're really pretty and I miss you.
@Madrigorne the latter.
@13tales So sorry.
RT @Ihnatko: Congratulations to Nicole for her win in the Neil Gaiman audiobook contest! A voice with lots of warm character. http://bit ...
1300 AMAZING contestants (well, those I've listened to so far). 20 deserving Finalists. One winner. Well done, Nicole.
The remarkable thing is how much voice talent there is out there. I have secret plans to do something to allow you all to do more with this.
@StephStricklen absolutely.
@maddyg44 - Why thank you, young lady. You were easy subjects to photograph.
@c_phillips They are all up at Round 1
@DeleMage I wish so too...
@fairytalevegas That's a battered Canon Eos, pulled out because I owed it to her to take decent Prom pictures.
@amandapalmer Doctor Who?
@amandapalmer Since you're still up... a) Coconut? and b) here's a photograph of Maddy & Ali at Prom
Not sure if it's been announced yet but we're hoping to get all 20 finalists in the American Gods audio contest a cool consolation prize.
@paparatti @mormolyke She was really high rated by me and the other judges.
@Blackfish Nothing. It's brilliant, which was why we didn't want to redo it for the new text. So the new one is Full Cast, expanded text.
@andrea_m06 I am. I have amazing kids.
@MattPaynempa If I ever come up with a story for Coraline as good as CORALINE.
@TerriSusannah They are amazing. And the lunch and dinner menus are different...
@mormolyke .. you want a Waterphone?
A small reminder to UK viewers that there might be something about my Dr Who ep on Blue Peter tomorrow. & that it might be a bit spoilery.
@mormolyke You must not do that. They hate it if you shout during operas.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

From Twitter 05-08-2011

First Maddy at Prom/Spoke to my wife on the phone/Walked dogs under stars #mynightinhaiku #LeftOutDrWhoTrailerAsNotEnoughSyllables
@Tallheath It's true. We just need to figure out when.
@andreacremer She did. Long day for a dad as well.
@Metz77 It was originally Episode 11, so it would have happened when he was dead. But I loved writing Rory.
@justedana About 500, but nothing goes out before Maddy has cleared it...
@RantzHoseley I met you 4 years before she was born. #TheMindItBoggles
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Life, and other Spoilers: posted by Neil

I got up astonishingly earl t... WARNING:Contains me
@fairytalevegas I am not. I am a Very Important Author. I have capital letters in that n' everything.
@fairytalevegas No-one suspects a thing. I've got away with it so far. Very Important Author. Not a Nerd at all.
@fairytalevegas exactly. In TARDIS knickers.
@Madrigorne yup.
@KrissoMakeda 'mine is next week'
@am_klaafe she did but I was on the road.
@annejohn Oh good!
RT WOW! @spacedlaw: @Jouniac That's an amazing video of making @neilhimself into a sticker!
RT @hannahtinti: @neilhimself discusses music, dance moves & eating beetles vs. caterpillars in pt. 2 of his @SelectedShorts interview: ...
@NaomiHouser They are ! A march of 12,000 Ands. #AG10thAnnEd
@ZuG209 Spoilers, sweetie.
@AliceValium88 I did.
@mrtonylee Hurrah!
@parisianfeline Find an artist.
@startribune, why was the bit about me giving the library money to charity in your online edition, but missing from the print edition?
@steven_moffat @TokuDeka Is it too late to put a ninja in my episode?
There's a pencil-necked Weasel being auctioned as a CBLDF fundraiser at
@thebear1980 about 50.
This is @maddyg44 yesterday, in her Prom Dress.
This is @maddyg44 (and her Prom friends) walking away. You can see the dress better in this shot. #proudDad
@SteveNiles Steve! Dalek love!
RT @neverwear: the wonderful letterer Todd Klein talks about @neilhimself poem IN RELIG ORAN here:
@FahrLight I dunno. They went like that.
@RantzHoseley mine do that on a daily basis.
@FahrLight The last time I saw you you were a baby! Well, almost.
@Grizzlefur I've got about 500, but will not post any more, no. #Iknowwhatprouddadsarelike
@shinma22 @spacedlaw @imakestickers we should do something cool for charity with it.
@jimlee00 wow. They grow up and I am nostalgic beyond belief (eh, @mgaiman?)
@foamonthewaves would depend on time and such, but probably, yes.
@joe_hill I really really hope you and they like it.
@shinma22 the amazing @neverwear
@lyd_lilly I know I am lucky to have them.
@JennyLippmann You should expect it to be a bit meh. Then if it is better than that you will be happy.
@ThompsonMaggie It really does, yes.
@EmmaPeel007 that's wonderful! And makes me very happy...
@cozyrat You're welcome. The important bit is that you get through it. And a new liver. #neilwebwin
RT With a plot! @Katers_Potaters: a nikola tesla video just for you planned/shot/edited in 22 hours! #8in8
@somemrsreynolds Tesla is not going anywhere. There is no deadline on wonderfulness.
RT @amandapalmer: new blog, "because the origami" - about a particularly amazing #8in8 video made by @BenJJacobson - read it at http://b ...

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

From Twitter 05-07-2011

@nerdist let me know what you think. Just seven days now. Signed Mr Nervous.
@Mirri_Cat because if you climb over the wall, you don't get to the other side.
Watching @maddyg44 at State as a violinist. Doing the Happy Proud Dad thing, made easier because she is fantastic.
@raliel flatpack Viking TARDIS. Yes.
@PhilSchoen it's more fun being Maddy Gaiman's dad.
this is @maddyg44 practicing before the duet bit of the morning. she was amazing. Or I may be biased.
@wbnw Cabal is a white German shepherd. Your dog looks beautiful.
@Urrealism it is! Yours is pretty amazing too.
@Rubywax if i get to the uk in the next 5 weeks I am coming and you cannot stop me.
Happy Free Comic Book Day. 1) Go to your local comic shop today. 2) Collect your free comics. 3) rejoice. 4) read them & pass them on.
your free comic book day store locator #itsfree #fcbd
@Katafiori he should hit eBay and find out if that's true.
Visiting a succession of bridal shops with @Maddyg44 to get stuff for her prom tonight. The future is inevitable. #dadterror
@oneredallstar true!
@Eggbert315 nope. That should happen in the long term. Today, it should be about telling people comic shops and Comics exist.
@Blasphemina wonderful!
RT @tzarchameleon: Join me for a Read-in for Civility! #MN State Capitol 5/15/11 1-4, South Stairs. Please RT & bring a book! #MNPolitic ...
It has just been pointed out that in less than an hour in the UK people will see the trailer for my episode of Dr Who. #NervousWhoMe?
I hope that 40 minutes of pirates and Amy Pond swashbuckling will have put them in a good mood. I've no idea what's in the trailer for mine.
The US won't see the trailer for another 7 hours & something minutes on @bbcamerica at the end of Episode 3 (pirates!)
@jenipritchett I only wrote it. The brilliant @rclarkie directed it.
Forgot to post this snapshot from last night's bonfire. No, I'm not trying to distract myself. Why would you think that?
@chezpim in a WEEK. ARGH.
@Asho87 Nope. mine is next week. #DoctorWho
@NinjaFingers Nope. Seen the episode, though.
@MushroomBoom It's true.
@helio_girl it doesn't work like that. But thank you.
@fairytalevegas grin #stillnervous
@rclarkie As long as the whole world is still speaking to us at the end of next week. Otherwise we can go into exile together.
@Harkaway From your lips to Fandom
@Dondeus It's next week.
@noelfrodelius that is not the kind of thing you say to unnervous someone.
@GodTheMother thank you, your godliness.
@BlogtorWho @rclarkie thank you so much. I do hope so.
@jpsmythe Pretty much at the top. But then, my inner 4 year old is nervous too.
@MeowTopia I gave your love to Liza With a Z. And @amandapalmer chatted to her...
@maureenjohnson She's wonderful
@jheiselman I'm so glad! #fcbd
MILD SPOILER WARNING - Some teaser lines of dialogue from my episode now up at (via @CultBoxTV)
@FatzBurger But did you like the trailer for next weeks? (that's mine.)
@ultanburke Nope. It begins and ends in 43 minutes.
@BlogtorWho You did just fine.
RIght. There is a Trailer for my episode now up. It's at SPOILERS AND SUCHLIKE AHOY
RT It does. Although it's an instant spoiler. @Foomandoonian:The official BBC Who site has better quality trailer:
@casa_ali I'm next week. #confusedatthewhoagain
@ChickenPanties My work is done. #freecomics
Okay. A trailer, two clips and a bit with Rory & Amy and, er ME IN THE TARDIS (yes!) over at (SPOILERS. Obviously)
@cherrieyeo No, the voice in the trailer is @michaelsheen who is amazing.
@Cavalorn Of course!
@gashinryu I hope you like it!
@erikthedane i was....
@alancfrancis yes.
@mikarv it is @Michaelsheen, not me..
RT @Blasphemina: @neilhimself Here's the link for you. Hope you can make it - A Read-In For Civility ...
@NancyHightower I love thr British museum courtyard, stoke newington Cemetery, Neal's Yard...
@emmaryal writer Neil.
@BoneChaos_ mine is next week.
I love this #8in8 video for Because the Origami. Love love love. (via @BenJJacobson) @BenFolds @amandapalmer
@erinhaslanded say hullo to her from me.
@cozyrat want me to take some dog photos to cheer you up?
@KatWithSword very
Whoa. The trailer for the DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIAL with ME IN IT is now up. Even in the trailer there might be SPOILERS.
@maddy_lund you could keep the rhyme/rhythm better if it was her singing about me.
@IntNorbertCon not sure if @coollike thing is in this or if it is its own thing.
The oddest thing about watching DW Confidential trailer is that I was 30lbs heavier then. Mostly you can't tell.
@Mallyman72 excellent guess.
@ErinKubinek Yeah, I know. I'm impressed at how much you can't tell.
@TenthP Don't ask me. Least of my worries.
@ricktimus I think I say "you have such sensible hair" to Matt.
@nataliefisher That's glee, all right.
@Maebhey Email to you bounced. I suggested I could find you likeminded One Book people in the West of Ireland on Twitter.
@cozyrat Very soon.
@deadlightsgirl yup.
@ErinKubinek juicing helped. Eating a more veggie diet. Exercising 40 minutes a day...
@tres_michelle They are. I spent the least time with Karen, alas (my loss). But they are remarkable, nice, smart people.
@WillHopper Let's wait and see if anyone likes next week's episode first.
@bstiteler Quick! hide in the wardrobe. @birdchick

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

From Twitter 05-06-2011

@MaryRobinette oh good. A wonderful weasel.
A perfect evening. Watched Dr Who with Maddy, then, dogwalking, saw 2 shooting stars crossing a star-spattered sky all the colours of night.
And now off Twitter and the interwebs until some Deadlines are dead.
@LyssaPearl nonsense.
Goodnight universe
RT @Plain_ol_T: @paulandstorm @wilw @donttrythis WCCO in StPaul to discuss @neilhimself in approx 30 mins text at 81807. or listen http: ...
RT @DMillerMpls: Which side are you on? Silly Strib online poll re argument between @neilhimself and a MN rep. Neil ...
Finished listening to the 20 Round 1 finalists in the AG Audio contest. If I'd known it was going to be this hard. Sigh
Now going to send my scores to the other judges & hope. Right. Back to work. (Listen to them at Round 1. All AMAZING.)
@MundoJazz But you are not American. It is criminal, but those are the rules they made.
@djkeng Sounds very cattish. So glad the liver is happy too.
@RussellGusto Thank you!
To listen to the 20 front runners (you should, they're triffic), go to and click on Round 1.
My Dr Who episode and the Dr Who Confidential that follows: dates & times:
@SuperJaneEyre @amandapalmer um, if I get a vote, I'd rather not...
.@Nnedi sent me a link to her blog with a great bit of Kenyan SF film (i've mirrored this in case of #neilwebfail)
@ST_U2 No. I am a bad friend of the @nerdist. But I have a daughter going to Prom tomorrow & am working.
@PolitelyOffend Um. (Thinks: Oh Amanda.)
@leonidkruglyak thank you!
@Chelseyblair @PolitelyOffend makes two of us.
@nerdist @ST_U2 Brilliant. (Did they show you a preview of my episode of Doctor Who yet?)
Direct link to PUMZI trailer. Beautiful African SF. - via @nnedi
@the_mogget No, it's 8 days from now. Tomorrow is pirates. #doctorwho
@the_mogget It was #3 originally. Then it slipped.
@leonidkruglyak Why, yes.

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