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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From Twitter 05-09-2011

I am auditioning audiobooks to be my next thing I listen to while exercising. SKETCHES BY BOZ failed the audition.
The frogs in the pond/ sound like a thousand Trimphones/ calling from the past. #mynightinhaiku
@keyamoni How can ou prepare to enjoy Sketches by Boz more?
@raptordingo that was why I went Audio.
@docbrite Will do. Forgive me if I slip occasionally: it's been 20 years.
@Hans_Karl I bet I can. Or if I can't, I bet @birdchick can help me figure out a way to record it...
If you're in psychic contact with my dogs, please let them know it's a thunderstorm, the world isn't ending & to let me go back to sleep.
RT Cardboard & girl moustaches! @FMUK: My Tesla video is yet to be retweeted! Please share my little Serb!
RT @Trivunluzaic: @neilhimself Could you please RT this, for the sake of Ugandan liberty?
@JaimeColomaT good luck!
@ShirleyTipsy beautiful!
In this actually spoiler-free review @io9 suggests you use my episode to convert your friends to Doctor Who fandom.!5799824
Also this lovely @cultbox advanced spoiler-free review DOES actually have some (small) spoilers in it: Which is nice.
My biggest concern now is that people will build it up too big in their heads. I just hope people enjoy it. Especially kids. #DoctorWho
@MiklCraw4d Let's wait and see if thr world is still talking to me next week.
@Starmongoose I agree.
RT @Lbartsch: @neilhimself plz RT city wants 2 close 12 of 16 libraries! Oakland Library supporters gear up for tough fight. http://bit ...
@The_Art_ofGRIMM oops:-) Coraline.
@postshaggy yup.
@raevenclaw gaym'n
@ravensward weren't the SIDRATs in black and white?
@NickSetchfield I'm so glad you liked it!
@CassandraLong wonderful new Kate Bush interview up at
@Cerithomas That makes me really happy! Say thank you to her for me.
@CassandraLong scrap that. It's not available out of the UK. Hmph.
@BackstageRider How's this? Hands from me, @benfolds, @amandapalmer & Damian from @OKgo...
@MarkRanumMN I wrote back to them, but maybe they haven't checked their email yet.
Can't tell if this is News because I'm going to be on WITS, or because I've donated my fee to Charity again. Bit mad.
@StribBooks would they be happier if I kept the money...?
@ryanvanasse Why? It's not a public speaking fee.
Apparently the WITS why-is-this-a story? will be in the @Startribune tomorrow. Hope it mentions
@nitesider20 Not unless it's important, and this all looks very silly. Can you contact my assistant Lorraine (@fablor) during working hours?
RT @SouthrnPrincess: @neilhimself Please RT All 4 Alabama Disaster Relief Auction begins tomorrow at 10 a.m. CST
@nitesider20 Mm. The last @startribune article left the bit about my fee going to charity out of the print edition. Any explanation?
@nitesider20 Get what straightened out?
@nitesider20 it's back up!
@inkblot14 still claiming copyright on it, I see.
@amandapalmer - You're really pretty and I miss you.
@Madrigorne the latter.
@13tales So sorry.
RT @Ihnatko: Congratulations to Nicole for her win in the Neil Gaiman audiobook contest! A voice with lots of warm character. http://bit ...
1300 AMAZING contestants (well, those I've listened to so far). 20 deserving Finalists. One winner. Well done, Nicole.
The remarkable thing is how much voice talent there is out there. I have secret plans to do something to allow you all to do more with this.
@StephStricklen absolutely.
@maddyg44 - Why thank you, young lady. You were easy subjects to photograph.
@c_phillips They are all up at Round 1
@DeleMage I wish so too...
@fairytalevegas That's a battered Canon Eos, pulled out because I owed it to her to take decent Prom pictures.
@amandapalmer Doctor Who?
@amandapalmer Since you're still up... a) Coconut? and b) here's a photograph of Maddy & Ali at Prom
Not sure if it's been announced yet but we're hoping to get all 20 finalists in the American Gods audio contest a cool consolation prize.
@paparatti @mormolyke She was really high rated by me and the other judges.
@Blackfish Nothing. It's brilliant, which was why we didn't want to redo it for the new text. So the new one is Full Cast, expanded text.
@andrea_m06 I am. I have amazing kids.
@MattPaynempa If I ever come up with a story for Coraline as good as CORALINE.
@TerriSusannah They are amazing. And the lunch and dinner menus are different...
@mormolyke .. you want a Waterphone?
A small reminder to UK viewers that there might be something about my Dr Who ep on Blue Peter tomorrow. & that it might be a bit spoilery.
@mormolyke You must not do that. They hate it if you shout during operas.

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