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Sunday, May 8, 2011

From Twitter 05-07-2011

@nerdist let me know what you think. Just seven days now. Signed Mr Nervous.
@Mirri_Cat because if you climb over the wall, you don't get to the other side.
Watching @maddyg44 at State as a violinist. Doing the Happy Proud Dad thing, made easier because she is fantastic.
@raliel flatpack Viking TARDIS. Yes.
@PhilSchoen it's more fun being Maddy Gaiman's dad.
this is @maddyg44 practicing before the duet bit of the morning. she was amazing. Or I may be biased.
@wbnw Cabal is a white German shepherd. Your dog looks beautiful.
@Urrealism it is! Yours is pretty amazing too.
@Rubywax if i get to the uk in the next 5 weeks I am coming and you cannot stop me.
Happy Free Comic Book Day. 1) Go to your local comic shop today. 2) Collect your free comics. 3) rejoice. 4) read them & pass them on.
your free comic book day store locator #itsfree #fcbd
@Katafiori he should hit eBay and find out if that's true.
Visiting a succession of bridal shops with @Maddyg44 to get stuff for her prom tonight. The future is inevitable. #dadterror
@oneredallstar true!
@Eggbert315 nope. That should happen in the long term. Today, it should be about telling people comic shops and Comics exist.
@Blasphemina wonderful!
RT @tzarchameleon: Join me for a Read-in for Civility! #MN State Capitol 5/15/11 1-4, South Stairs. Please RT & bring a book! #MNPolitic ...
It has just been pointed out that in less than an hour in the UK people will see the trailer for my episode of Dr Who. #NervousWhoMe?
I hope that 40 minutes of pirates and Amy Pond swashbuckling will have put them in a good mood. I've no idea what's in the trailer for mine.
The US won't see the trailer for another 7 hours & something minutes on @bbcamerica at the end of Episode 3 (pirates!)
@jenipritchett I only wrote it. The brilliant @rclarkie directed it.
Forgot to post this snapshot from last night's bonfire. No, I'm not trying to distract myself. Why would you think that?
@chezpim in a WEEK. ARGH.
@Asho87 Nope. mine is next week. #DoctorWho
@NinjaFingers Nope. Seen the episode, though.
@MushroomBoom It's true.
@helio_girl it doesn't work like that. But thank you.
@fairytalevegas grin #stillnervous
@rclarkie As long as the whole world is still speaking to us at the end of next week. Otherwise we can go into exile together.
@Harkaway From your lips to Fandom
@Dondeus It's next week.
@noelfrodelius that is not the kind of thing you say to unnervous someone.
@GodTheMother thank you, your godliness.
@BlogtorWho @rclarkie thank you so much. I do hope so.
@jpsmythe Pretty much at the top. But then, my inner 4 year old is nervous too.
@MeowTopia I gave your love to Liza With a Z. And @amandapalmer chatted to her...
@maureenjohnson She's wonderful
@jheiselman I'm so glad! #fcbd
MILD SPOILER WARNING - Some teaser lines of dialogue from my episode now up at (via @CultBoxTV)
@FatzBurger But did you like the trailer for next weeks? (that's mine.)
@ultanburke Nope. It begins and ends in 43 minutes.
@BlogtorWho You did just fine.
RIght. There is a Trailer for my episode now up. It's at SPOILERS AND SUCHLIKE AHOY
RT It does. Although it's an instant spoiler. @Foomandoonian:The official BBC Who site has better quality trailer:
@casa_ali I'm next week. #confusedatthewhoagain
@ChickenPanties My work is done. #freecomics
Okay. A trailer, two clips and a bit with Rory & Amy and, er ME IN THE TARDIS (yes!) over at (SPOILERS. Obviously)
@cherrieyeo No, the voice in the trailer is @michaelsheen who is amazing.
@Cavalorn Of course!
@gashinryu I hope you like it!
@erikthedane i was....
@alancfrancis yes.
@mikarv it is @Michaelsheen, not me..
RT @Blasphemina: @neilhimself Here's the link for you. Hope you can make it - A Read-In For Civility ...
@NancyHightower I love thr British museum courtyard, stoke newington Cemetery, Neal's Yard...
@emmaryal writer Neil.
@BoneChaos_ mine is next week.
I love this #8in8 video for Because the Origami. Love love love. (via @BenJJacobson) @BenFolds @amandapalmer
@erinhaslanded say hullo to her from me.
@cozyrat want me to take some dog photos to cheer you up?
@KatWithSword very
Whoa. The trailer for the DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIAL with ME IN IT is now up. Even in the trailer there might be SPOILERS.
@maddy_lund you could keep the rhyme/rhythm better if it was her singing about me.
@IntNorbertCon not sure if @coollike thing is in this or if it is its own thing.
The oddest thing about watching DW Confidential trailer is that I was 30lbs heavier then. Mostly you can't tell.
@Mallyman72 excellent guess.
@ErinKubinek Yeah, I know. I'm impressed at how much you can't tell.
@TenthP Don't ask me. Least of my worries.
@ricktimus I think I say "you have such sensible hair" to Matt.
@nataliefisher That's glee, all right.
@Maebhey Email to you bounced. I suggested I could find you likeminded One Book people in the West of Ireland on Twitter.
@cozyrat Very soon.
@deadlightsgirl yup.
@ErinKubinek juicing helped. Eating a more veggie diet. Exercising 40 minutes a day...
@tres_michelle They are. I spent the least time with Karen, alas (my loss). But they are remarkable, nice, smart people.
@WillHopper Let's wait and see if anyone likes next week's episode first.
@bstiteler Quick! hide in the wardrobe. @birdchick

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