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Thursday, May 12, 2011

From Twitter 05-11-2011

The people at the next table got an apology from the chef and free desserts. I chew a dry but oily stirfry and am English & stoic & grumpy.
@grantimahara it's the wisest course of action. (Did you see the photo of @amandapalmer in the t shirt?)
@finnporter no.
@Mark_Sheppard doomed by englishness!
@gralinnaea it's my own fault. Must remember how bad this restaurant is for next time.
@fionacarlin exactly
@waider I will.
@juliahobsbawm say hullo to @hayfestival @peterhay for me and especially to @PollySamson.
@anouchkaharris good luck!
In the runup to Saturday's episode of Doctor Who, I thought I'd post photos from my studio trip last year. This is t...
@astonishingjack He's amazing!
@WeAre3ForME Didn't I already RT an ME thing today? Or am I losing track? @Stroopwaffle
@jerett In a hotel in Los Angeles. You'll be fine.
RT @steven_moffat: @neilhimself Are you going to post ALL the photographs you took? The internet will be full up. We'll have to start a ...
@WeAre3ForME not to worry.
@faceofboe Er. There's nothing spoilery about any of them. I say Spoilers if there are spoilers.
Especially for @steven_moffat. Taken in Cardiff. I didn't blink. Unfortunately, the image of an angel is itself and...
RT @steven_moffat: @neilhimself is now tweeting from 1482.
@jamaintolentine I reply to lots of my readers in the Philippines. And would love to come back.
Wife apparently released by Dutch police. Huge relief. Also, the danger of unregulated ukulele-playing in the Low Countries now abated.
@Peaceheather I like her!
Arrested wife footage "@GeekInParadise: @neilhimself Video of the incident Glad she's out!"
RT @amandapalmer: dear Amsterdam, sorry I got arrested & the gig ended prematurely. you will all have to come to Utrecht tomorrow. love, afp
@grantimahara It is at and is probably safe for work, given where you work.
@fairuza for playing the ukulele in public, I think.
Remembering Douglas Adams in the Guardian. So odd to realise I'm now older than Douglas, who was always older than me.
RT @cleolinda: RT @HelpWriteNow: Want a signed book by @neilhimself? Up for bid today!
@EmlynB He definitely died. I can't call him up or email him any more.
RT @markjeffrey: A little announcement about @neilhimself, @margaretatwood and I: ;)
Ridiculously thrilled to learn that both of my shorter stories from last year are 2011 Locus Award Finalists
And INSTRUCTIONS by Charkes Vess and me is Locus nominated for ART BOOK too! Brilliant!
@CultBoxTV Er. That's a bit spoilery.
@TonyNoland @Dannigrrl5 I wouldn't have minded. I liked the flash.
I learned Douglas Adams had died being interviewed by @MolaramLives who was in Tokyo and had seen the news. It shook me & still shakes me.
@amandapalmer I love you with all my heart, jailed wife. And would have smuggled you in a file in a cake.
You're right. And I won't. RT @GretasTARDIS: @neilhimself @amandapalmer your wife's a badass, man. never let that shit go. not ever.
Am I the only person that looked at today's Google animation & wrongly thought it celebrated the Order of St Beryl?
@zer_netmouse awww
@fairuza It's Holland. You can't be too careful these days.
@DrWhoExpert Happy Birthday, Steven!
@IreneGallo DO IT! #Bedazzledweek
RT @Violaine: @neilhimself Myke Amend is collaborating on a beautiful piece of art, and the Kickstarter page could use a boost. http://t ...
@Violaine RT'd.
@hollyherself - And they are charging REAL MONEY for it too. Wow.
I am a proud father. My daughter @hollyherself, young milliner, has her 1st hat for sale, in Fenwick's of Bond St:
@cbvillagomez I was out of characters.But I am a very #prouddad
@emmastraub buy one directly from @hollyherself. it will be cheaper than the one in the fenwick's window.
@Gormengast you are welcome!

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