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Saturday, May 14, 2011

From Twitter 05-13-2011

I loved this blog by Adam Rex: An Open Letter to Everyone Who Thinks it Must Be Easy, Writing Kid's Books.
@MrTeller Yes. But you can stretch out all the way in YOUR seat-bed...
Adam Rex, who wrote the blog I linked to, is a great writer & amazing artist who has just joined twitter as @MrAdamRex. Make him welcome.
@fairuza Bad phone. Also, I zoomed through LA but didn't see you. Next time. Food and stuff.
@katespeak the only bluefin tuna I could see them selling was farmed, from Australian bluefin tuna farms.
You remember I was talking about my excitement about how many amazing readers of audiobooks are out there? Check out
And if you're an author, an agent, an actor or an audio producer/engineer, you should go and look at Big plug from me.
(By readers of audiobooks, I mean people who read them aloud for other people to listen to. Not listeners. Narrators.)
@idwatchyoudie One reads an audiobook in front of a microphone, for several days, usually.
The National Doodle Day Doodles are up on eBay
Over on the BBC Doctor Who site, for my episode, you'll find previews, clips, and now a downloadable Ood mask.
@LiamRudden thank you! But @neilgaiman is a sort of empty account.
@TeeManX good. It feels good.
@bindiyayagnik He might be frightened or bored. I was three when I saw my first episodes of Dr Who, and loved being frightened and thrilled.
@denofgeek Will try and find the time.
@LiamRudden Thank you! I was just thrilled & lucky they let me play with their toys, & that they did such a wonderful job with the script.
@Design_Assassin I'd wait for the real thing. The less you know the first time, the better.
@drwhoonline watching the Zarbi and the Menoptera at my grandparents' house in Southsea. I was 4.
@davegibbons90 If the bar gets BBC 3, the Dr Who Confidential that follows is a cracker. Really one for the fans.
@thatswedishgirl @budgie Is that the same roller derby that @hollyherself is jeerleading at?
@Paul_Cornell I hope you like it. More than anyone, I hope you like it. You were so instrumental in it having happened.
Perhaps there's still someone who doesn't know that my episode of Dr Who goes out in the US & UK on Saturday. But I ...
@LeeAHarris Just expect it to be sort of average.
@ConfinedWriter The Police boxes were painted concrete, I believe.
@hayleycampbelly You moved house while I wasn't looking. I missed the Van saga too. #badTwitterFollower
RT @RockingJamboree: A Read-In for Civility at the Minnesota State Capital, this Sunday! ...
@Rednax42 very deliberate
@somemrsreynolds Thank you. 'M a Very Important Marshwiggle.
@bromley001 It really is.
@amandapalmer Have a wonderful holiday, lesbian/bi wife of the day. Stretch hard. I love you. Goodnight.
Just realised that my computer is still on LA time, and it's actually two hours later than I thought it was. Goodnight world. #timefail
@MikeLuoma Do they have someone you can talk to? It's not a trademark infringement. You ought to be able to point this out.
@MeowTopia LOVE. I hope you like it!
@goodlucklando and Ireland too. You didn't mention Ireland.
@stericketts do not think. Just be.
@GyozaMan no, and no...
@MikeLuoma let me know what happens.
This made my blood boil. "The disgraceful interrogation of L.A. school librarians" - #savethelibrarians
RT @BBCAMERICA: Exclusive: More of Neil Gaiman (@Neilhimself) on "The Doctor's Wife" Now LIVE. #Doc ...
@hump_zilla congratulations!
So @Guardian has a series called My Hero. For their SF special I wrote about Gene Wolfe.
@carlygirlwriter @Katers_Potaters I'm pretty sure that it's @indeciSEAN doing all the work, and he is undoubtedly running as fast as he can.
RT @BostonComicCon: Neil Gaiman speaks at the Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH on Wed June 22nd at 7:30p! Tix onsale June 1st! ...
RT @tzarchameleon: This Sunday 1-4, Join me for the #MNReadIn for Civility at the #MN State Capitol! @neilhi ...
RT @neverwear: only TWO MORE days left to get @neilhimself HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES print here:
All my sympathies. RT @lesliecaldarera:I was one of those unfortunate Teacher was actually worse than Mr. Tobar related it.
@edunbarMPR sent you an email with queries on MPR's role in @repmattdean attack talk. Can you respond ASAP?
It says on that after my episode screens they'll put up lost scene videos. *I* haven't seen lost scene videos. #wibble
@Knittress I don't know yet.
Today's USAToday blog has @michaelsheen talking about being in my Doctor Who episode...
@hannahlobb god yes.
@Grasbysaurus ...what? #mightexplodewithexcitement
Congratulations to @thejillthompson whose Little Endless book, Delirium's Party, is on the NewYorkTimes bestseller list
RT @DoodleDayUSA: 2nd batch of doodles are now up for bidding! New doodles by @neilhimself and @frankenteen ...
@BostonianGotham tomorrow, saturday #beenlivingunderarock
@DonQuixokie I thought they were okay -
@RamaTheVoice that's great!
Great article from Tor website about #8in8, with their favourite videos n' all...
@carlygirlwriter I am an idiot. Or at least, very distractible. #8in8
RT she's right. I did. oops. @carlygirlwriter: @neilhimself Um, I think you forgot to post the link :-) @tordotcom #8in8
@LncArtStudios What's the Latin for Keep Writing?
@Chelseyblair Just saw you've got a chapter in the Mythological Dimension book! Brilliant!
The lamppost in the woods, in spring, at dusk.
@Chelseyblair I can't wait to see it.
@MythicDocWho the five abstracts look fascinating and very different.
@nataliefisher it is true. What did he say?
@Pami_Therese good!
@HeathrowKitters doesn't everyone?
@earthami That's so nice.
Today's @GuardianBooks is an SF special. Here SF authors write about books & authors they love. Ignore grumbly comments
@Chumplet It's on Space tomorrow at 8 pm per their schedule.
@DalekThay They fight crime.
@DalekThay - I really need a full-size Dalek in the woods, don't I? Damn.
Adams, Asimov, Clarke, Ballard, Vonnegut are interviewed over at @GuardianBooks SF Special

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