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Saturday, May 7, 2011

From Twitter 05-06-2011

@MaryRobinette oh good. A wonderful weasel.
A perfect evening. Watched Dr Who with Maddy, then, dogwalking, saw 2 shooting stars crossing a star-spattered sky all the colours of night.
And now off Twitter and the interwebs until some Deadlines are dead.
@LyssaPearl nonsense.
Goodnight universe
RT @Plain_ol_T: @paulandstorm @wilw @donttrythis WCCO in StPaul to discuss @neilhimself in approx 30 mins text at 81807. or listen http: ...
RT @DMillerMpls: Which side are you on? Silly Strib online poll re argument between @neilhimself and a MN rep. Neil ...
Finished listening to the 20 Round 1 finalists in the AG Audio contest. If I'd known it was going to be this hard. Sigh
Now going to send my scores to the other judges & hope. Right. Back to work. (Listen to them at Round 1. All AMAZING.)
@MundoJazz But you are not American. It is criminal, but those are the rules they made.
@djkeng Sounds very cattish. So glad the liver is happy too.
@RussellGusto Thank you!
To listen to the 20 front runners (you should, they're triffic), go to and click on Round 1.
My Dr Who episode and the Dr Who Confidential that follows: dates & times:
@SuperJaneEyre @amandapalmer um, if I get a vote, I'd rather not...
.@Nnedi sent me a link to her blog with a great bit of Kenyan SF film (i've mirrored this in case of #neilwebfail)
@ST_U2 No. I am a bad friend of the @nerdist. But I have a daughter going to Prom tomorrow & am working.
@PolitelyOffend Um. (Thinks: Oh Amanda.)
@leonidkruglyak thank you!
@Chelseyblair @PolitelyOffend makes two of us.
@nerdist @ST_U2 Brilliant. (Did they show you a preview of my episode of Doctor Who yet?)
Direct link to PUMZI trailer. Beautiful African SF. - via @nnedi
@the_mogget No, it's 8 days from now. Tomorrow is pirates. #doctorwho
@the_mogget It was #3 originally. Then it slipped.
@leonidkruglyak Why, yes.

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