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Monday, May 9, 2011

From Twitter 05-08-2011

First Maddy at Prom/Spoke to my wife on the phone/Walked dogs under stars #mynightinhaiku #LeftOutDrWhoTrailerAsNotEnoughSyllables
@Tallheath It's true. We just need to figure out when.
@andreacremer She did. Long day for a dad as well.
@Metz77 It was originally Episode 11, so it would have happened when he was dead. But I loved writing Rory.
@justedana About 500, but nothing goes out before Maddy has cleared it...
@RantzHoseley I met you 4 years before she was born. #TheMindItBoggles
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Life, and other Spoilers: posted by Neil

I got up astonishingly earl t... WARNING:Contains me
@fairytalevegas I am not. I am a Very Important Author. I have capital letters in that n' everything.
@fairytalevegas No-one suspects a thing. I've got away with it so far. Very Important Author. Not a Nerd at all.
@fairytalevegas exactly. In TARDIS knickers.
@Madrigorne yup.
@KrissoMakeda 'mine is next week'
@am_klaafe she did but I was on the road.
@annejohn Oh good!
RT WOW! @spacedlaw: @Jouniac That's an amazing video of making @neilhimself into a sticker!
RT @hannahtinti: @neilhimself discusses music, dance moves & eating beetles vs. caterpillars in pt. 2 of his @SelectedShorts interview: ...
@NaomiHouser They are ! A march of 12,000 Ands. #AG10thAnnEd
@ZuG209 Spoilers, sweetie.
@AliceValium88 I did.
@mrtonylee Hurrah!
@parisianfeline Find an artist.
@startribune, why was the bit about me giving the library money to charity in your online edition, but missing from the print edition?
@steven_moffat @TokuDeka Is it too late to put a ninja in my episode?
There's a pencil-necked Weasel being auctioned as a CBLDF fundraiser at
@thebear1980 about 50.
This is @maddyg44 yesterday, in her Prom Dress.
This is @maddyg44 (and her Prom friends) walking away. You can see the dress better in this shot. #proudDad
@SteveNiles Steve! Dalek love!
RT @neverwear: the wonderful letterer Todd Klein talks about @neilhimself poem IN RELIG ORAN here:
@FahrLight I dunno. They went like that.
@RantzHoseley mine do that on a daily basis.
@FahrLight The last time I saw you you were a baby! Well, almost.
@Grizzlefur I've got about 500, but will not post any more, no. #Iknowwhatprouddadsarelike
@shinma22 @spacedlaw @imakestickers we should do something cool for charity with it.
@jimlee00 wow. They grow up and I am nostalgic beyond belief (eh, @mgaiman?)
@foamonthewaves would depend on time and such, but probably, yes.
@joe_hill I really really hope you and they like it.
@shinma22 the amazing @neverwear
@lyd_lilly I know I am lucky to have them.
@JennyLippmann You should expect it to be a bit meh. Then if it is better than that you will be happy.
@ThompsonMaggie It really does, yes.
@EmmaPeel007 that's wonderful! And makes me very happy...
@cozyrat You're welcome. The important bit is that you get through it. And a new liver. #neilwebwin
RT With a plot! @Katers_Potaters: a nikola tesla video just for you planned/shot/edited in 22 hours! #8in8
@somemrsreynolds Tesla is not going anywhere. There is no deadline on wonderfulness.
RT @amandapalmer: new blog, "because the origami" - about a particularly amazing #8in8 video made by @BenJJacobson - read it at http://b ...

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