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Sunday, May 15, 2011

From Twitter 05-14-2011

RT @neverwear: only ONE MORE day to get @neilhimself HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES print here:
Here are all the National Doodle Day Doodles: affordable art. Or at least doodles.
@__Nevermore__ that's hilarious. Good luck with your #thesis
@Paul_Cornell exactly six years ago today, Father's Day was broadcast. Um.
A photo from 372 days ago. I had a beard, Dick Curtis was editing VINCENT & @steven_moffat was young & unspoiled
@Paul_Cornell Yes. Later today I strap my pads & celery on and I will walk nervously onto the pitch.
@mishakaz Keep writing. Fix it when it's done.
@Paul_Cornell Mm. Even new fit & healthy me will be Bad at Games. Put me in at the end.
@NoFuckingArrest Sure. Hello. (Waves.)
Weather for today: scattered showers across the UK. Perhaps the Rain Gods will send them around 6.00pm, so people stay in &watch the telly.
@Paul_Cornell I'm not sure. I should, shouldn't I?
@NoFuckingArrest I love FLIP. But Do not think I will be able to come in 2011.
@rclarkie We'll do it somewhere else. Or something like it. Or something.
@Bonebabe It has a few scary moments. Should be fine as long as as a parent is there. And a lap.
@steven_moffat It'll rain later. Do not worry. We offended the Rain Gods, after all.
@Paul_Cornell I was planning to pace, nervously, alone. Possibly offering strangers cigars.
@Peter_L_Jones Nope. But at 6:30...
@raliel thanks Robin!
@stevefuller Yes. But we need the rain to start earlier, so everyone gets settled indoors.
@steven_moffat We offended them in Cardiff and it rained for 2 weeks, didn't it? It'll work. Trust me.
@mrseance @steven_moffat sigh...
@mrseance @steven_moffat It's such a good thing that the Times keeps itself locked away behind its firewall, then.
RT @steven_moffat: To enjoy @neilhimself's wonderful Dr Who tonight, stay away from The Times. Explains the entire plot while claiming n ...
Right. I'm going to bed now. Tomorrow I think I'll stay off computers and suchlike, for my peace of mind. Hope you all enjoy the Doctor Who.
RT @hodgman: @neilhimself I cannot wait for tonight
@filmboyslim @steven_moffat Watch Dr Who Confidential. It's brilliant, this week.
Wow. So many tweets from today. About 20,000 of them (!) Thank you all. You can ask me DW questions at (Guardian blog)
Also, over on under videos, I'm interviewed about a couple of scenes that didn't make it into the episode...
@RantzHoseley Oh good. #CurseNouNeil
@NSlayton Nope. Never heard any of the Big Finish productions, although I hear some of them are really good. #DoctorWho

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