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Friday, May 6, 2011

From Twitter 05-05-2011

@tinlizzy Nope. Mega-awkward. Your dream was right.
RT @ghweldon: Take a fresh step with me & @nprmonkeysee as we talk @neilhimself's "Dream of 1K Cats": It's a book clu ...
@CassandraLong Oh good.
@CassandraLong @hollyherself It was called The Pogo. As taught by Debbie Harry:
I love this: how the Beowulf film should have ended.
@brubaker I did! Isn't she GOOD?
@sgroman5674 Depends what you like, honestly. Neverwhere's fun. American Gods is hefty and creepy. Sandman is huge (and a comic)...
There's a bit more of @repMattDean's sort-of apology at He thinks I should maybe do some charity work. #wordsfailme
@vampandora See if they have a waiting list for June in case someone drops out.
@StarTribune Best bet is via my assistant Lorraine -- FabulousLorraine (at)
@amandapalmer Love you, whatever you wear. Or don't.
Was just interviewed by the @startribune who told me @repmattdean "joked that he's lost the votes of all the Star Trek fans out there". Mm.
@tinytempest nope.
@ErnestoLief only spoken.
@blandobland thank you!
@amandapalmer I love you. And in the words of @hollyherself, Oh... Amanda.
@warriorspoet honestly, I think it's pretty hilarious too.
Beautiful little film about a boy and his elephant by @TeddyKrist now up on Vimeo:
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Weasel-necked pencils. Part I hope the last.: posted by Neil

So, accor... WARNING:Contains me
Wonderful! A real Pencil-necked Weasel... by @MaryRobinette incited by @Paul_Cornell
Sorry, @MaryRobinette. I am a bull in the internetshop. #neilwebfail

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