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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

From Twitter 05-03-2011

@ArthurShingler As long as you write a different thing while it stews...
@samanthamabry @HelpWriteNow sure. Ask my assistant, @fablor.
I backed @allanamato's Parkinson's kickstarter: (Click the link just to look at the photos, even if you don't back it).
In a taxi, @amandapalmer in her glorious @jeffreysebelia dress. In 5 hours we part for a month. I miss her already.
RT @kingbianca: @neilhimself pls RT this instead pretty pls :) watch the music video of #HEYDAYDREAMER
@kingbianca I RTd it for you. xx
There's a birthday greetings site for Gene Wolfe up at He'll be 80 on May 7, our finest living SF writer (& my friend)
@theotherbecca you are welcome!
@destaphiton depends on taste. All wonderful and each different.
Just sent the cover of DWM 434. Even the title is a tiny spoiler for my episode (4), so do not look unless you are r...
@Marching_clocks no, mine is two weeks away.
@PKontheradio you do...
@raliel yup.
@daisywitch how long does it take to get here?
@doomedrider I think it's good to have the choice.
@BadAtComics Blink or the Girl in the Fireplace.
@realgonereviews use "who" when you'd use "he" and "whom" when you'd use "him".
@dianmcculloch not at all.
RT @DWMtweets: DWM 434 (published 5 May) featuring a preview of Episode 4 of the new series by @neilhimself
@davidmackkabuki @amandapalmer grin...
@allyndeimos well, more or less.
RT @ThatKevinSmith: See bad-ass pics of me & @neilhimself: Please Kickstart the fuck out of the amazing @AllanAma ...
@AmyMartinOHNY Right.
@Vidalia @ThatKevinSmith the kickstarter is to fund the @AllanAmato show/book. The show/book is to raise funds for Parkinson's research.
@amandapalmer I love you. Hang in there.
@honeybunny6 It's terrific, isn't it?
@rey_z hilarious. You should see the things they get to my blog with.
CharityBuzz auction: bid for 2 VIP Tickets to see @leverus interviewing me June 21 at 92nd Street Y
@PantslessLance great convention.
My lamppost encounters @jasonwebley.

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