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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

From Twitter 05-02-2011

@ChrisLikesPie grin...
Just bumped into @davidmackkabuki in the attic surrounded by naked ghosts and Indian food.
Twitter feed filled with people telling me off for not twittering about nothing but the death of bin laden. Or assuming I do not know. Odd.
@DaturaExit75 you probably missed it but US forces killed Bin Laden in Pakistan. And the world continues.
@one_hot_eclair me too.
@DaturaExit75 you think it's disrespectful to Bin Laden? I didn't respect him. But I will be polite to you in your grief.
@kingbianca hi bianca, remind me tomorrow ...?
@DaturaExit75 goodbye.
RT @amandapalmer: a moment in the kitchen; remembering those who died on sept 11 & not taking any joy in the news.
@wring I think taking joy in death is a bad thing.
@OhHeyitsKaren I replied a couple of times then blocked him or her. I have no minions. Peace.
@BoWisneski you're welcome.
RT @SydewayzTheo: @neilhimself Can you please RT a plea for Your Canadian Followers to go vote? Thanks! #VoteCanada
@Matt_Crawford ah, you had to read that day's Amanda twitter feed. It was about how much she wanted a wife.
@Necrobata probably
@RinChupeco fair enough.
@nadiarasidi @Just_a_Drop why not just build the well
@carlygirlwriter oh, that's WONDERFUL.
Contains Death & Zombies. So sweet & funny. RT @carlygirlwriter: 'The Problem with Saints' video we turned in last night
@nadiarasidi @Just_a_Drop OK. But I normally don't RT anything that's "follow me & I'll do a good thing".
@JacqulineHyde is that link right?
If there is a more peaceful and beautiful place to write than @amandapalmer's attic in spring, I cannot imagine it
@nadiarasidi @Just_a_Drop and I did RT you.
@gulliverbear most of them. But everyone collaborated.
@margaretpro you're amazing! Well done.
@kophoogtekater both
@fairytalevegas you'll love them.
@EmWyllie Again? I already did it once this morning. I'm not sure that repeated exhortations from me will accomplish much.
@JacqulineHyde I will not be able to tell for a while. They don't let you check YouTube on trains.
@fairytalevegas You could get @stoya to play Joan of Arc, then record a video of the two of you wandering New York as you sing it.
@PolitelyOffend I seem to get identified a lot more when I'm standing next to amanda.
@Sherlock_Alexi We didn't look alike when I was writing Sandman. I think it's just one of those things...
@Tinuveil I think even when we live in the same house we'll both be on the move and visiting each other. #keepingitnew
In Minneapolis today? Go & see @jasonwebley at the 7th Street Entry tonight. He's an amazing performer. Promise.
RT @nadiarasidi: @neilhimself If @Just_a_Drop gets 20K followers, a sponsor will build a much-needed well in Mongolia. Please follow/RT ...
@nadiarasidi Just checked and the RT never went out. How odd. Did it again. Good luck!
@lugebooty that's wonderful!
@lugebooty that's wonderful!
@sbuddhavarapu @nadiarasidi @Just_a_Drop Yup. That was what I thought.
@adsventure @nadiarasidi @Just_a_Drop Agreed...
Just learned that the #8in8 Nighty Night album has already made over $21,000 for Berklee City Music. Download album at
@mork_and Sushi Sasabune in New York is my very favourite. Go there hungry and let them feed you.
@amandapalmer You'll like this:
@daniel14159 I think it's wisest - with over 1,000 entries - to stand to one side on this one...
Thought for the day, as written on @amandapalmer's t-shirt. Pretty much safe for work.
@dobblers I do not know.
@leocookman I'm just glad you liked #8in8
@dobblers in a worst case scenario, just hang around afterwards and I'll sign it as I leave.
@CassandraLong So happy you like it! Listen to My Old Man. And There Ain't Half Been Some Clever Bastards. And Love.
@allanamato @ThatKevinSmith @olganunes @taslimur that link isn't working.
RT @olganunes: Brilliant photographer @allanamato just launched his @kickstarter "Illuminate Parkinson's," feat. @neilhimself & more : h ...
@taradublinrocks @StephStricklen I think the way it works is that I now listen to the top 20 not the top 1325.
Check out @allanamato's kickstarter at Illuminate parkinson's. Beautiful pictures, excellent cause.
@allanamato I'll sign a photo print of me for anyone who goes in at 250 level. Also, explain on the site where the money goes/what it does.
@madvaidya when it is done.
@DaveMaulding yup. I stopped after three chapters
@mmagenius I write stuff.

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