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Monday, May 2, 2011

From Twitter 05-01-2011

@benjamin_cook Really? That's marvellous! So glad you liked it.
RT @hannahtinti: Great video w/ @neilhimself 4 @SelectedShorts discussing sushi, future selves & telling lies to tell the truth http://b ...
@Joannechocolat Not very. The bees do all the work.
@amandapalmer - Beautiful photo, love!
@Joannechocolat Point out to them that the bees will pollinate their flowers, fruit trees etc...?
@MitchBenn @MsClara @lauriepink @essers @budgie Hello.
@MitchBenn PS thank you for making me famous.
@happy_skeptic I enjoyed it.
@thirty_seventh Was he ever officially naturalised? Surely he's an undocumented immigrant.
@rheaney That makes me so happy.
@DoilyFrog If no-one uses the word any more, then obviously I didn't.
@elliottfranks @MitchBenn Yup. I always loved Flanders & Swann.
Funniest PROBLEM WITH SAINTS video so far. #8in8 #silentmovies
@ThatAndromeda You were all so polite too!
Fan made. All these glorious #8in8 videos are fan made. @pedroausquia Did you direct this version? Or it's a fan made?
@Joannechocolat If they swarm, put on your beekeeper clothes and a bucket or an empty hive & go & get them. (Swarming bees rarely sting)
Upstairs @amandapalmer is spring-cleaning-playing-Depeche-Mode-very-loudly. Downstairs I am making things up & writing them down. #goodlife
@franki_ A bit of both.
Loving the #8in8 videos. But nobody seems to have done any "Nikola Tesla" ones yet. Is there no love for the celibate Serbian electrogenius?
(There is of course this Nikola Tesla in Morse Code: But not actually a video). for the song.
@nikki_roth Some amazing ones. Check youtube...
@ChrisLikesPie Who?
@PeriwinkleHula Nope. Mine is Episode 4.
From Berklee RETHINK, the #8in8 team perform @fongolia's BenFolds&me mashup live &, er, completely unrehearsed:
@maddyg44 Life is unfair. But you have a nice dress and I'm home on Tuesday, and we'll watch Dr Who together. I miss you!
@actordougjones I will send you photos of @maddyg44 in her Prom Dress, Dougie. Promise.
RT @Kufat: @neilhimself Cairo, IL (The Cay-ro one) may soon cease to exist:
RT @pmk02906: Joanna Russ has died. If you've never read her, please start now: Obit: #femin ...

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