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Friday, April 29, 2011

From Twitter 04-28-2011

@GavinLovesAP - i like it.
Here's the BBC news release about my Dr Who episode. Possible spoilers.
@bancroftpress I do not believe so.
@lotuselyse @KatWithSword thank-you thank-you thank-you.
@pandudita @amandapalmer go for it!
@Emma_Caywood @lifelinetheatre brilliant!
@RBWUncleRock first sonic screwdriver I've ever signed.
@Comics212 I hope so.
RT @DemosDemon: I vote someone make a wiki or something of all the #8in8 reworks/creations that @amandapalmer @neilhimself @BenFolds & D ...
@Owen_Hall I'm not sure. American gods and stardust are in the same universe though.
@MundoJazz we are honoured and hope that the famousness rubs off onto us.
I did. Rest in mouses.@GalleyCat: Shakespeare & Co’s bookstore cat, Monty, has died. Did you ever meet this galleycat?
@tiedrevolverman wonderful!
@snorkel42 look at the bandcamp page.
RT @pacrozier: @neilhimself. The #8in8 project will be on NPR's All Things Considered this afternoon. Check your local listing.
@coralamberrr @BenFolds @amandapalmer use my blog..
@ChrisBrosnahan looking forward to it!
@David_N_Wilson glad it made you happy!
In which @amandapalmer's photo is taken.
@dryfoo very wise.
@annejohn let me know how it goes'
@MacMufasa it's in the FAQs...
@Rishi_Yue sure!
RT @crayonmonster: @neilhimself Hope I got your hair right! Animated video for "Problem with Saints" #8in8 #n ...
@fairytalevegas @stoya best breakfast!
@marianaluthor yes.

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