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Saturday, April 30, 2011

From Twitter 04-29-2011

People are making art with the #8in8 project. So far my favourite is this PROBLEM WITH SAINTS animated video
@ArthurShingler nope. But occasionally you'll find yourself exchanging 140 character messages.
Also love this haunting "Because the Origami" video - #8in8 (And I've only seen a fraction of the videos done).
@ArthurShingler Nope. But it's almost definitely been answered at some point on my blog at
@rafael_aq currently MP3 etc. But you can burn it to CD.
RT @juliangough: A modest internet experiment. Give feedback, & help design my novel's blurb. You might win a signed book. Thanks! http: ...
This PROBLEM WITH SAINTS video also is wonderful:
And here is a brilliant stop motion ONE TINY THING OUT OF PLACE video: by @kkayala
RT @mightymur: THAT IS NOT BREAKING NEWS. RT @BreakingNews: Kate Middleton says she and Prince William 'had a great day' as they were ma ...
Wife's method of tidying her flat consists of moving everything I brought here into hall outside. I'm wet+nude & cannot find clothes. Bugger
Naked hall-creep&fumble in bags means I am now dressed. Does anyone know where she might have put my jacket with the wallet in? #tidyvictim
All of you "she'll have put it in the closet" suggesters were wrong. I looked. I just found the jacket out in the hall. #tidyvictim #married
I had to go and ask her where the shoes were. "Under your clothes, in the laundry basket, in the hall," she explained, AS IF IT WAS OBVIOUS.
@knitkat too true
@House_of_Lamia but I knew where my computer was. She hadn't tidied that
@rhillyermiles that was where I left it.
@tibbsy07 they're really useful.
@Boursin not here in Boston, no.
RT @amandapalmer: system set. it's ON!!! send your #8in8 music videos and fan-art to and we'll put them all on a ne ...
RT @amandapalmer: #8in8, and the whole conference, is one of the top stories on @NPRnews today. listen to the whole 4-min story at http: ...
@amandapalmer ah. I love you and I'm glad you can now see the floor.
@amandapalmer yes, dear.
@amandapalmer purgatory was fine but it's filling up and getting loud. May wander further afield to keep working.
Sneak peek: the cover of the upcoming adult edition of THE GRAVEYARD BOOK. (US edition)
@AkashaTheKitty it just means it'll be in another part of the bookshop.
The only difference in the editions will be the cover, the interior design, and where you find it in a Bookshop.
@CLAcevedo222 about 1100 people have entered so far. We hope.
RT @EvelineCF: @neilhimself American Gods that was miss from the bookstores per many years in Brazil, is now available again! Thanks to ...
@margaretpro well done!
RT @lowereastsmile: @neilhimself Comic artist Chris Wozniak & wife lost their home 2 tornado. Please RT details to help: ...
@AVHero nope. May 14th.
@therealzellis no it's not. My Alan voice has a Northampton accent. Mr Vandemar is London.
@LASeubert already tweeted it!

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