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Thursday, April 28, 2011

From Twitter 04-27-2011

@Fainora I'd talk to the people organising -- I don't even know if I'm meant to be signing.
@Fr_MacKenzie i do not know.
@touchofgr3y @JVictor I do not know yet.
RT @SelectedShorts: Magical Realism with @neilhimself is tonight! We're sold out, but you can submit a question for Neil on FB: http://o ...
@dpknowles Not yet. I'll put them up on my blog or somewhere when I get a moment.
RT @bradmeltzer: Dresses like Death; parties like Delirium. #dirtynerdy @neilhimself
On the train to New York to do Symphony Space public radio "SELECTED SHORTS". Stories by me, Borges & @KatWithSword will be read tonight.
We've released #8in8 as Creative Commons, because we want to see if people make videos (we'll plug them if you do).
@lawinski I do not know yet.
@Grikmeer Have fun with them. Don't try and make money from them. Make something wonderful.
@kiostark Not yet. Just that twitter so far.
@Infant999 sure.
@gmskarka you will have to ask @amandapalmer or @btraven.
@gmskarka you will have to ask @amandapalmer or @btraven.
@thornet I'm sure that @indeciSEAN will change it to Some Rights Reserved when he gets a moment.
National Doodle Day coming up soon. Look, you can see my twi contributions here:
@francineshounds lingering.
This is @neverwear's blog about National Doodle Day. For the Curious:
@DaveMckean_Fan 2004
@SendrilesWench @amandapalmer See my blog.
@uglyfatmidget I'm not sure what there is any longer. DreamHavenbooks used to have some.
@coollike waving. @benfolds and I were chatting about you at our #8in8 gig last night. (We said nice things.)
RT @dianarowland: This is insane. How about we ban all teachers from ever even thinking about sex, lest the children suffer. http://tin ...
@amandapalmer use the lyrics on superkate's computer from last night.
@errosenzweig If you can call that singing, yes. It's me.
@Shiny_Llama Me too. ALthough my episode is the one after the pirates.
@biggayicecream ahhh.
@LyraSullyvan thank you!
@ScribblingNix Isn't it the same place?
@errosenzweig Thank you!
RT @amandapalmer: many suggested SUPERFAST videos should made for the #8in8 songs. the songs are under a @creativecommons license, so yo ...
RT @amandapalmer: ...and i personally challenge you to finish your video by the end of the weekend. best & fastest wins. go! go! go! htt ...

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