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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From Twitter 04-26-2011

So, a report from #8in8. We're half way through in 8 hours. So we're just carrying on. It's 12:20 & still fun.
When I asked for historical figures, Tesla was an immediate #1. But Joan of Arc had #22 voters, and she was my number 2. Pondering. #8in8
@Ludovicaa Ah. but I haven't. What makes you think my song would be like theirs? #8in8
@leantolini Nope. Only 13 Ada lovelace voters.
@notyourbear We already wrote Tesla. #8in8
@GimpHurricane Bifurcate! That was what I wanted...
@ardentdelirium Dream I forgave you.
I think I wrote a Joan of Arc song. I think I may have to sing the bloody thing. #ohgod. #8in8
The back of the door. 3 songs to go.
@lianamadison right now I'm just worrying about the next song and if I have to sing it.
RT @amandapalmer: me & @cassandralong and @indecisean are watching @benfolds & @neilhimself arrange song #6, which Neil is singing. http ...
@geoffklein yup. Very.
About to do my best Flanders and Deanna impression. #8in8
Even though it's so far #6in12 "@raingraves: Well @neilhimself and @amandapalmer Congrats. Your awesome art is officially a "trend." #8in8"
@Gamerpanda thank you! #8in8
We're done, everyone's fading (especially the studio folk) & it's 3:30 am, & we've been doing this for 12 hrs. About to hear 6 songs #8in8
@ChesterJSellars because the wire does not stretch. #8in8
RT @BenFolds:
Setting up the studio. #8in8
RT @amandapalmer: yes. tomorrow, on @bandcamp for a boston charity that educates kids in music. RT @qwump Are you going to release the s ...
Thank you all so much for your contribution and encouragement. Goodnight. #8in8
@amandapalmer - Author trying hard to stay awake.
RT @RobBrydon: Wish I could have seen Michael Sheen's The Passion, here's the website...
@T_Lawson @amandapalmer yes.
The #8in8 album we made last night's up on bandcamp. minimum donation $1 - all money to berklee city music network charity.
@Chelseyblair I do not know. Sean will, though ...
@lomawood @amandapalmer talk!
RT fuck yeah @JayTomio: Over at @GestaltMash, Matt Cheney returns after a week off to close out and win A Game of You
@kylecassidy thanks kyle!
RT @olganunes: @neilhimself Here's the direct link to the #8in8 talk from this morning: @AFPwire @amandapalmer
@mazziemo wish I was there.
@am_klaafe yup, that's @BenFolds on piano. Music is ben, me and Damien.
@ando_mesuki I'll post them.
@adamroan fair enough.
@Thought1 we went to bed.
@Thought1 we would have kept going but the studio staff couldn't.
@opusfour @Thought1 they put in an extra 4 hours...
RT @AlexandraBecker: Listening to Nighty Night is a lot like looking at a sketchbook. I love other peoples sketchbooks. @amandapalmer @B ...
@stoya showed @amandapalmer your screamy fleshlight ad (thank you @fairytalevegas)
RT @amandapalmer: the link to download the "nighty night" (official title!) album is HERE. $1 minimum & the rest goes to charity. http:/ ...
@SandyZimmerman write the first paragraph last.
@emiliorgomez yup
@typinggarlic it exists as lyrics.
Everything you could ever want to know about #8in8 including how it was titled. includes panel & anecdotes.
Oh, come on. I shouldn't be able to #Neilwebfail the Boston Phoenix. I'm sure it'll be back up soon. Sorry.
great idea. I think we'll pass it to the world. "@dobblers: Might I suggest your next project: 6 music video in 12 days. GO! #8in8"
@neversaynikki @amandapalmer @BenFolds we did. But we're tired.
RT @SPINmagazine: Hear 1st song from 8-hour collab btwn @AmandaPalmer @BenFolds @OKGo @NeilHimself #8in8
@trishalynn but that's my choice, not any kind of rule. @ebertchicago has been interacting with readers for decades. Just not much here.
@megx87 well done!
RT @amandapalmer: we're going live any minute. tune in at to see me, @benfolds, @neilhimself, and damian of @okgo ...
@Fongolia thanks so much!
We did. "@Fongolia: Oh my god, they're about to cover my @BenFolds/@neilhimself mash-up live! #8in8 #mindblowing"

As I type this I'm about an hour a... WARNING:Contains me
@Fainora I hope I do too.
You're welcome. "@pmk02906: @neilhimself Thanks for doing my squirrel story as a song. It did not die in vain."

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