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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From Twitter 04-25-2011

RT wonderfully funny @MundoJazz: I attach it so you can get straight away and send others home
National doodle day sneak peeks at @Neverwear's blog. I did two...
@him89088 1
@MundoJazz also @amandapalmer turned to me halfway through your audition, weak with laughter & said AMERICAN GODS was now her favorite book.
@MundoJazz can I - can anyone - Skag Beesley justice?
RT @ARTOFJONHAWARD: @neilhimself hi neil sad news gene colan is in hospital again and needs help details on can u help ...
@MundoJazz I do not know why my phone changed Shag to Snag. (or why it just changed Skag to Snag. Not even consistent. )
RT @1book1chicago: Screening of @neilhimself's Mirrormask tonight at 6pm, new location @DePaul_English downtown campus, Lewis Ctr Rm 120 ...
Today it's mad art song-making with @amandapalmer, Damien Kulash from @okgo, & @benfolds. May come to Twitter for help, suggestions, ideas.
@thinktanktheatr not today. I don't have time to go and check out links.
This is the bit before the bit where it all starts. L to R, her, Damien, the mysterious Mark, Ben (behind hand).
@xDevianz good luck.
@mike_wood all that's out there is rumour.
@hypebot broadcast starts at 4 Est. 8in8
Getting set up. @btraven shows @amandapalmer how the mellotron works. @benfolds on piano.
@MaryGaughan Nope. Mostly I'm trying to get the printer working. #8in8
20 minutes until we start. You may want to unfollow me for the day if not interested. I'll be asking some questions of twitter. #8in8
You don't have to reply to me. Just use the #8in8 hashtag. First Strange #8in8 Question: Name a historical figure you care about.
They're checking levels. In 5 minutes I start writing. I 've a rhyming dictionary, a glint in my eye and a switchblade. #NoSwitchblade #8in8
For the confused: #8in8 explained
Question # 2. A way that Love Goes Wrong? #8in8
God knows what this looks like to the outside world, but Nikola Tesla song's mostly done Two more songs sort of written. Bit mad. #8in8
@KelsiDoesHair me too. #8in8
Okay. Strange #8in8 question number 3 - the first name of the person and the place in the world of your most memorable kiss.
@theknightshift It is. Check @comixology...
@KatWithSword She was the next I was going to pick. You never know. We have another 5 and a half hours. #8in8
@RahelRachelchen written 3. Recorded one. #8in8
So right now, @benfolds is teaching @amandapalmer a song called Because the Origami. I am writing a song about memorable kisses. #8in8
Strange #8in8 Question #4: Tell me something strange that happened only once...
RT @amandapalmer: we're webcasting live NOW!! tune in to to watch me, @BenFolds, @neilhimself & Damian (of @okgo) ...
RT @amandapalmer: my limited edition sticker is expired but now @neilhimself's is up…get it while you can @GetGlue ...
Amanda and Ben recording their vocals. Then Damien's brilliant song (written in a room that the camera doesn't reach). Me: lyrics. #8in8
RT @amandapalmer: @neilhimself re-typing the lyrics for "because the origami"
@beckysioux He's working away. The camera doesn't stretch to the room we've been working in. You'll hear it soon. It's beautiful. #8in8
Just wrote this as lyrics. Don't know why. RT @pmk02906 #8in8 A squirrel committed suicide in the toilet of a house I was staying in.
@RahelRachelchen @amandapalmer @BenFolds Come up with a better name...
The songs are getting written. The Kissing one is done, I think...
@maddyg44 @mgaiman so proud of you.
Okay. Just wrote a lyrics (rewritten by Amanda, rewritten, finished by me) about a woman we saw today from the car, screaming at her mirror.

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