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Monday, April 25, 2011

From Twitter 04-24-2011

@PhruitRollUp she was great. Congratulations to your sister.
@cozyrat @Rayne @JoanofDarkKnits beautiful!
Up early for plane./ Amanda's speech, late pho lunch./ Worked. Coughed. Walked in rain. #TodayInHaiku
RT @SuicideGirls: "Life is a disease: sexually transmitted, and invariably fatal." -Neil Gaiman
*Photo from...
@zed614 sympathy.
@djkeng you mean there are people who could pronounce walked with two syllables?
@amandawhite what I ate.
@fairytalevegas sorry.
RT @DaveMcKean: Port Talbot Passion - Anyone have footage or stills of the event? Are you willing to share with me for the film version? ...
RT @DaveMcKean: Next week I'll contact anyone willing to send me stills, links, especially to video clips, no matter how good or bad. Th ...
RT @DaveMcKean: Thanks so much for responding to my tweet about Passion. The nature of the film has changed and I really need the experi ...
@DaveMcKean done! Wish I had been there.
@adsci did he say it too?
RT @MARIADAHVANA: Enter this! Win a copy of QueenofKings signed by me, @neilhimself, @peterstraubnyc @daniellemybella & @garthstein! ht ...
@stevebwriter nope. Once you say something it's out in the world.
@JamesDRobinson sure. I can DM it to you if you follow me.
RT @neverwear: @neilhimself @amandapalmer @Taxidermied all doodled for charity,
see here:
RT @amandapalmer: i just posted a blog defending what i'm about to spend all tomorrow doing. please read it.

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