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Sunday, April 24, 2011

From Twitter 04-23-2011

goodnight. cough wheeze grumble.
@Andryroxy goodnight Andrea.
@TomTomLugo one queen arrived dead.
Sick author heading for airport with a pocketful of cough sweets & a bottle of Olbas oil. There will be a wife at the other end. #worthit
@SuzanEraslan details up at Where's Neil
@sorshanik this is her cold from last week that she gave me.
@mjberryman I do not believe I can persuade Caribou Coffee to stock @JoanofDarkKnits coffee for @fablor.
@sorshanik you're welcome!
@cataclysmicha it would've been thickglueyphlegm if not for the 140 character limit. Count yourself lucky...
@JoanofDarkKnits @mjberryman @fablor she took me to the airport and stopped in a caribou on the way home.
@funboxmonster ...what?
@pd_godfrey it's in my pocket.
@leahmoore I read dodgem logic 8. He's on top of his game...
At New England Institute of Art Commencement thingy to watch @Amandapalmer deliver address. I have cough sweets. It'll be fine.
@marisabirns nope. I'm episode 4.
@KellyDMcC @bstiteler @birdchick @fablor I guarantee it will be magical.
@ohkayewhatever brilliant. We'll arrange a meet and greet thingummy.
@amandapalmer frog police, surely.
@GavinLovesAP I am very lucky, yes.
@scsmith4 not river song. Madame de pompadour.

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