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Saturday, April 23, 2011

From Twitter 04-22-2011

@mandyhallmedia You took some great photos!
@MHazAny It reminds me of the articles that criticised National Novel Writing Month because it takes more than a month to write good novels.
@hlkalin yup
RT @JeremySRyan: London explorers find #neverwhere in the abandoned mail rail below the city. @neilhimself
We filmed some scenes from BBC Neverwhere in those tunnels in 1996, & Croup&Vandemar killed Varney with tiny mailtrain
Full on #neilwebfail. I'm a twit. Sorry.
@zoozees @MHazAny Exactly. For me, it's like Harlan Ellison writing short stories in bookshop windows in the 60s. It didn't end literature.
Right. I mirrored the silentuk underground mail tunnel adventure so all of you can now click on it without breaking it:
I have a cold. Also, I have to requeen a Russian hive. #MediocreFriday
@SilentUK you're welcome. Sorry about crashing you.
@amandapalmer I love you. Cough gurgle splort gnurg splort cough.
@crashplan loving CrashPlan btw
New Russian Queen installed in hive. This is how they come.
@anncrispin I will try!
RT @eemspot: @neilhimself please RT: #Minneapolis The Southern
needs $400k by 4/30 or it's lights out. Please help. http://www.southern ...
Inside the envelope is a small wooden box, with a queen & attendants inside. She has a white paint spot on her bac
@priscellie you know you can get a discount?
@hardbees beautiful.
@katz2010x No, just regular post.
@TeacherChick1 I do not believe so. Post offices are much more likely to get distressed by shipments of bees.
@Leafytri why?
@dharma_punx Congratulations! Do you need a toaster?
@Leafytri why mean? You think they should come UPS, or that the bee farmer should drive them here herself?
The 92nd St Y American Gods conversation between me and @Leverus. Tickets are now on sale at #sneakannnouncement
@demeterschild link up, but not tribeca.
@mgaiman thank you astoundingly fit son.
@dharma_punx @jocularfowl I know what I will be getting for your wedding. I shall keep its exact nature a secret. But you put bread in it.
@TheDez Put the queen package into a requeening frame & put it into the hive. Give them 3 days to get used to her smell.
I find the people who see the "8 Songs in 8 Hours" threatening as silly as if they were upset by 24 Hour Comics. #ItsFun
@Bitchpothesis Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell?
Here's an article from the Boston Globe that likes the idea:
@jackschofield Makes it sound like I'll be in a Cyberman costume.
@jackschofield good gracious.
@Frekky you are quite right.
@TraceyNH What's depressing about 40th birthdays? 40 is cool.
@MrBillyBones Lost the link - someone sent it to me this morning in twitter. People missing the point in a spectacular fashion.
@ursyoola You get a lifetime. It could stop tomorrow. Happy Birthday.
@CynthVonBuhler is the @birdchick's blog of our bee adventures.
They've announced my co-readers & authors for Wednesday's SYMPHONY SPACE Magical Realism evening:
@birdchick It's really funny. you should be ashamed of yourself.
Going to sit in the sauna and see if I can shake this hellish chest-cold thing. #ifthickphlegmweregoldIwouldbeveryrichindeed
@KatWithSword I think the best bit is that they picked your story, not me.
@ohkayewhatever brilliant! Are you coming to wednesday's too?
@dharma_punx @gimelresh hmmmm.....

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