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Friday, April 22, 2011

From Twitter 04-21-2011

RT @SelectedShorts: Submit your question for @neilhimself! We are interviewing him on 4/27 and want your questions. http://symphonyspace ...
@cozyrat B vitamins! good for you!
RT @amandapalmer: BOSTON...late-breaking! playing a show at mass art tomorrow (fri) & opening it to the public!! only $10, all ages, 6:3 ...
RT @MaryRobinette: The director has posted photos and a bit about last night's rehearsal of @neilhimself's Odd and the Frost Giants. htt ...
Really impressed by the level of the discussion over at @nprbooks Book Club: for 'The Sandman: Dream Country,' Part One
@pedroausquia The art is by @DaveMcKean yes. But not the typography, I'm afraid.
Writing a blog about how I lost 25lbs using Hugh Dickson's reading of BLEAK HOUSE. Here's a link to it in case I forget:
@schmooster Well, obviously. Can you rewrite that tweet of mine so it says what you'd like it to say in 140 characters, then, please?
No. I will not write a diet book. RT @CynthVonBuhler: Write a book! @LucCarl did with The Drunk Diet. (re: BLEAK HOUSE. )
@schmooster But people would assume that's a link to the blog, surely. Try again.
@schmooster I don't honestly think that "reading seen" makes sense. I wouldn't know what you meant if I didn't know. Try again.
@schmooster No, not really. I just write it mostly.
RT @MrNullDevice: @neilhimself a Gaiman diet book would likely involve Slavic gods of famine, the ghost of Lord Palmerston, and a goat t ...
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY No. I will not write a diet book. But this worked for me...: posted by ... WARNING:Contains me
@schmooster Good job. Although I'd never use the @ for "at" but you are forgiven.
RT @sakuralovestea: I'd like to see an HP Lovecraft diet book: "You won't lose pounds, but you will lose your mind." #doomeddietbooks
@MundoJazz My favourite line was "you cannot fly"
@mistressmousey I love you.
@pangalactic yes.
@kateweb will do.
@margolanagan <g>
@DarlingMisty It's wonderful!
Today's video, from @theindelicates, from their upcoming David Koresh Superstar concept album, " I Am Koresh"
@katebornstein It WAS episode 3. Now it is Episode 4 (May 14th) #allismutable #cantwait #DoctorWho
@valeriawonders Probably.
@Kambrieldesign fingers crossed. Can't wait to see if it fits...
@MauiDrilon Does it expire? Also ALCOHOL. Hugs.
@rachb48 what sort of thing do you like?
@andrewtshaffer that's sort of hilarious.
Reading as a teenager gets you a better job later in life, per #savelibraries #andreadalot (fixed link)
@bresden already fixed. It's
The correct link on the TEENAGERS READING link is (it looks like some people are linking to the wrong one)
@katemckinnon I'd already deleted it. But people were still RTing the wrong link.
It's Good Friday. So for a special #followgoodfriday, follow @GodTheFather, @GodTheMother (obviously) & @SciDoll (not a god) (just because).

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