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Thursday, April 21, 2011

From Twitter 04-20-2011

@FirstmateRouge I did!
@VeeFraser not sure. @amandapalmer would know.
@therealjanisian good old Will Rogers. Never met a vampire he didn't like.
@andrewtshaffer nobody offered to bribe the judge in ANY way. Oh well.
@Broadbentius I got the paper version, thank you! (and loved the recent article on House on the Rock.)
Goodnight snowy stormy Spring. Goodnight my wife who wrote me a heartbreaking cluttery poem & read it to me over the phone. Goodnight you.
RT @MitchBenn: Thinking of releasing Doctor Who Girl as a download in aid of cancer charity; if I do would anyone be up for collaboratin ...
RT @DuttonBooks: Want a copy of QueenofKings signed by @MARIADAHVANA @neilhimself @peterstraubnyc @daniellemybella & @garthstein? http:/ ...
RT @fpinternational: fresh in today: Delirium's Party : a Little Endless Storybook by the sparkly @thejillthompson
RT I'll blog it too. but until then... @amandapalmer: new blog, "lay down your arms, you damned rebels" - read it at
@dianaleiteward beautifully written. I will try not to eat children or murder people, and live up to your arm.
RT @RAINN01: Check out the blog of @neilhimself. So grateful 2 have so many people supporting @rainn01 and #SAAM
@deseraestage people did last year. Honest.
@InByTheEye You're welcome. Send pictures.
I'm really proud to be a part of this @alalibrary poster. And it's a great poster too.
@DalekThay thank you!
Here's a close-up of the ALA store Author Advocacy Poster. #savelibraries
@seamusamadan I wasn't. Ordered it!
So far over 1000 of you have submitted entries to the AMERICAN GODS audiobook contest. You can listen & vote over at
@amandapalmer - You are SO airports.
@fablor @JoanofDarkKnits Should I come over and hold the tuna or something?
@nataliefisher Happy Birthday, not-a-wife!
The @birdchick blogs about me hiving the Russian Bees yesterday, with photos:
@fablor I worry that your cat might not be the only thing in the woods hungry for steak. Or author.
@SimonJCLeBON it could be worse. You could act in movies.
@Moogiemom @fablor exactly
@JasonSchneider hilarious

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