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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From Twitter 04-19-2011

@Desilyna - You are welcome!
Home. Tomorrow the Russian Bees arrive. Also slated for tomorrow: 6 inches of sleet and snow. Someone has a sense of humour.
Reminder. April's Sexual Assault Awareness Month, & if you donate over $250 to Rainn you get a signed poster. Info at
@GodTheMother We'll see...
@realMickFoley I'd plugged it on my blog but forgot to mention it on Twitter. I'll plug @rainn01 a few more times before April's done.
For the curious: @Steven_Moffat's encyclopedic description of my Dr Who Episode from the Radio Times #spoilersSweety
@JMike2 long ago. These days I'm Diamond.
@paulandstorm @jonathancoulton well, yes, there is obviously an up-side to it.
RT @fablor: Yup. The post office calls early when the bees arrive. No waiting till opening hours they say, ya'll can come as soon as ya' ...
The Russian bees are waiting at the post office. The Winter Storm Warning is on, although it's now only predicting 4 inches of sleet & snow.
@kasiaborsuk from the post office. They call and tell you when the bees arrive.
RT @catvincent: @neilhimself "The Russian bees are waiting at the post office. " "But the Polish bees are still in Gdansk." "Welcome, co ...
@imakerobots astonishingly well.
@scaryduck. Chinese fighting bees?
@skoobx yes!
@macleanbrendan 1) he never said it and 2) it's bollocks. No more almonds, though.
for those of you curious about Why Russian Bees, from my blog in 2010:
@imakerobots nope. The postal workers, on the other hand, are less sanguine.
@birdchick if you do not come @fablor and I will take the bees on holiday to Barbados and avoid thr snow. You will have to hive the dogs.
@scalzi we named a band! Well, you did. I just instigated it.
@birdchick insert "your mum" joke here.
@crazyluv4mcr so start later. You can always fix the beginning at the end.
@tea_n_see there are no indigenous American honeybees.
@GandalfInSpace thank you!
@vieshnavi you too, sole piano student
@tea_n_see exactly. They aren't honeybees.
@BE_Writer I do not believe so.
@princessnaked Nope. Not even a Get Out of Jail Free card.
@JenOfAKind Is there a debate? It seems simple to me. Get your honey from small local beekeepers. If they go, so do an awful lot of bees.
@tea_n_see No native apis mellifera. There are native honey wasps (Brachygastra mellifica) though.
@dpknowles It's spelled Truman. And the S didn't stand for anything.
If you missed it, here's @iamjameskennedy introducing me in Chicago last week, nobly & musically ending a bitter feud.
@NaomiHouser No, missed it. Link?
@birdchick um. #whereexactlydoyoucomeupwiththeseSimiles?
@NaomiHouser - Beautiful. Very @thejillthompson.
@birdchick hot stinging love? Please, Sharon...
@birdchick No, we won't be covered in honey. This is just wrong.
@JenOfAKind If Vegans have problems with evil beekeeping practices they shld boycott almonds, avocados & citrus fruit. Not Small beekeepers.
Moment of truth: I am off to hive three packages of Russian Bees. @birdchick is documenting it. #Lieback&ThinkOfBees
@the_leaky_pen I have absolutely no idea.
RT @peterdamien: look, it's @neilhimself a million years ago, when the world was new and Babylon 5 still lived.
@Marjorie73 @Nemone7 @fablor I did!
@Donna_Barr Near Minneapolis. And they are shipping bees like anything around here.
@pythonliving @birdchick Sue Hubbell is AMAZING.
@vonStrunckel yup.
@deseraestage I was a baby.
@ayeletw Will happily send you ALL the books on CD if you like.
@deseraestage It was 13 years ago, so I would have been about 37...
@isis_whit What do you think they named them after?
3 packages hived. In the freezing cold, which made it less fun for everyone, including the bees. 1 sting on each hand, then I put on gloves.
@Jo_EQ Any ecodamage was done 250 years ago when we started bringing Honeybees to America. Russian Bees are cold-hardier than Italians.
@ferretthimself Be ready to put the gloves on. (If my hands hadn't've been numb with cold, I wouldn't have been stung though.)
@vieshnavi Some do. These ones didn't. I think it was too cold and the bees hearts weren't into it.
@michaelocc I'm writing about Lettie Hempstock right now. I think they're related.
Lots of reports that Lis Sladen, Sarah Jane Smith, has passed away. Found myself sadly humming this @mitchbenn song:
@michaelocc I think this is the first time I've mentioned it actually...
It looks like the Lis Sladen news is official. Big sadness. Rest in Peace.
@MsChicGeek beautiful and inventive.
@fablor - Taken with the Xoom I am playing with today.
Matt Smith says I'm mad. I've never felt prouder.
@kerrikins I don't think so. What are you seeing?
@maureenjohnson and pouring them barehanded into their hives...
@WallStLawBlog Exactly like them...
@atomic_love I think you should get more specific.
RT just this once @atomic_love: Help! Moving to Melbourne 15/5, seeking share house. 26, employed, & need somewhere to live, temp/longterm.
@atomic_love Just hoping it doesn't start a nightmarish trend.
@ayeletw easy peasy
@TheeShambels Hit my blog and look at any bee related labels. Or @Birdchick's blog ditto.
Just noticed the Bizarre article on House on the Rock American Gods party is up on line, photos & all:

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