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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From Twitter 04-18-2011

Morning has broken. @amandapalmer has a ukulele. I has a deep and overwhelming desire to be back in bed. #patriotsday
It's 5.20 am. Do you know where your wife is? #patriotsday
RT @MitchBenn: @neilhimself Well if it's #patriotsday, whatever that is, embrace your Britishness and refuse to get out of bed until bac ...
@xandertarbert getting tea at peers right now.
It's an American thing @maycontaingeeks: @neilhimself Why is she dressed as Adam Ant?
Ninja gig starting by monument when everyone gets here. #patriotsday #adamant
What @amandapalmer's 6 am Lexington battle green ninja gig looked like. #AdamAnt #patriotsday
RT arrrr? @amandapalmer: arrrr. me & my conniving british husband with some other lily-livered regulars at #patriotsday
@ocean I think it is amanda's assistant's.
RT not the greatest @amandapalmer photo ever... @tamidon: You and AFP made the Globe...your photo was better
@dunesen I figure it's cleaner that way
@MitchBenn @amandapalmer @elliottfranks is an amazing photographer.
@terra_zephead you must ask Mike Dringenberg.
RT @pbclibrary: Authors love our libraries! Hear what one famous author, @neilhimself, has to say: @AtYourLibrary
@Jotoocoolhan I tried.
@wingedlioness sorry. We bought our tea and coffee in peets next door.
@BlaiddDrwg8 I'll keep fingers crossed.
@The_Panoptic1 I agree.
@fablor tomorrow!
RT @NaomiHouser: @neilhimself - Should you wish to share with your fans, here's the leaderboard for the Audiobook Contest http://tinyurl ...
@LegendOfTheEpic get friends to vote. Easy.
Good yontiff. This night will be different from all other nights because I'll be on a plane home. So not THAT different, then. #badseder
@TheJakeSimpson you can't write on a plane?
@ayeletw love to your fabulous family.
RT @amandapalmer: lovely argument brewing in new blog comments about "instant art"/the merits of the upcoming ben/damian/neil project. h ...
@LynneSp doesn't look like much of a story. Terry's talked extensively about how he would like to die with dignity.
@elaro_delvii No. Here -
@tashamia beautiful!
@tashamia beautiful!
@kwyskiel I do not know. It's not really my competition, it's Harper Audio's,
Audrey Niffenegger and me on Tuesday, in conversation about NEVERWHERE and everything else, on WBEZ: #PublicRadio
@elaro_delvii How very odd. Did she think that passover moved around like Easter?
@DrSchadNFreude I know she's writing, somewhere. But S&N took her over ten years.
RT @timoreilly: Fascinating @nytimes article about the connection between sugar, heart disease, and cancer. Time to change what I eat! h ...
@susanbush She's not.
@gingerkayty it was fun!
@nimbuschick Stratford Johns. Wonderful bloke.
@joqatana explain...?
@joqatana er. Passover is always on the same date in the Jewish calendar. Easter is a movable feast based on moons & equinoxes.
@joqatana as I said, it doesn't move around like Easter.
@MoistCrate and were it not for BAND I would see and dine with @jonathancoulton. Tragedies abound.

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