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Monday, April 18, 2011

From Twitter 04-17-2011

Me and Claudia Gonson's baby Eve at brunch today. Pure happiness.
@bethofalltrades @JetBlue @indeciSEAN but had they not, you would have been there.
@shonD1 good name!
RT @1book1chicago: So sad to see our events w/@neilhimself come to a close, but there's still more programming for #neverwhere http://t. ...
@adorkablegrrl it'll finish one day. It you'll die.
@lentower wow.
@adorkablegrrl it works for me. - For those of you reading hastily, it's Claudia Gonson's beautiful Eve and me. No relation.
@tara_oshea I thought it was fun.
@MeowTopia Love you, Miaow. Glad I could help.
@raliel I did what anyone would have done, seeing a friend miserable.
@amandapalmer you are. I can see them from here. The Joy of Shark Socks.
RT @FunnyShorts: @neilhimself Despite my stomach flu, I finished my Dr. Who webcomic! Well, sort of finished.
@MarcyChen well, the character who said it was a writer...
@MarcyChen legs akimbo.
RT @amandapalmer: my first huge photo in the sunday new york times. holy awesome. (newspaper display technician: @neilhimself). http:// ...
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Blog about SAAPM and baby photo: posted by Neil

I'm in Lexington MA wi... WARNING:Contains me
@scottmccloud Apparently the first shot of the Revolutionary War will be fired at 6 am tomorrow. And Amanda may play the Ukulele.
@Theservant53 I'll already be flying back to the midwest, alas... but thank you!
@dhewlett @djkeng: Could u pls mention Mitch (liver transplant survivor) 2 @dhewlett? He's in Vancouver & a wellwish would brighten her day.
@LeandroLeite_ nope. Never turned that bit on.
Dear Google maps, why do you think that the Amtrak station is a Cemetery? Now my wife is laughing at me.
@LeandroLeite_ you can comment on livejournal or the neilgaiman page of Facebook.
RT @eerian_sadow: @neilhimself google maps also insists there is a Subway sandwich shop in the parking lot of Disney's Animal Kingdom in ...
@riotkop 13 miles from each other.
RT @wilw: @neilhimself OMG your Google Maps is from THE FUTURE! #thehorriblehorriblefuture
@ThaiJacqueline isn't there a 1 800 number?
@ThaiJacqueline so the phone number IS there? #confused
@melebeth I can't listen to me in it comfortably but you and everyone else = fantastic.

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