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Thursday, April 14, 2011

From Twitter 04-13-2011

@1book1chicago aww...
@JulietBonhamCtr it's working!
@SaraMartinez glad you enjoyed it.
Huge thank you to Audrey Niffenegger & to all at the library and involved with @1b1c. Tomorrow's reading now has to be even bigger & better.
@the_Moogims Fingers and toes crossed for her! Let me know what happens!
@Kid_Crew The only place I've seen them is ebay - - they were never for sale.
@Kid_Crew You could make one with clay and black paint, you know.
@JulietBonhamCtr @JosieLong and me a bit.
@Valya Wonderful @1book1chicago blog. I love that last photo of me too.
RT Grin @m_c_marshall Have just managed to get Translucia Baboon's "March of the Sinister Ducks" into @newscientist -
RT @DrWhoExpert: Michael Sheen briefly discusses his part in @neilhimself 's Doctor Who: ...
That last YouTube clip of @MichaelSheen is wonderful for so many reasons. Mostly the kid in the Dalek costuume. (Waves at @michaelsheen)
Morning has broken. I am going off to listen to Chapter 54 of Bleak House, while exercising. What BIG audiobook should I listen to next?
RT @GestaltMash: In his latest Sandman Meditations, Matt Cheney goes cuckoo over @neilhimself's Over the Sea to Sky (A Game of You) htt ...
@jimispoon8 one of my very favourite audiobooks.
@mbdrake @DrWhoExpert bit mad, yes.
@the_Moogims Tell her I'm thinking of her, and look forward to seeing her at the end of May.
I'll write a blog & announce about this when I get a second. In the meantime, psst, wanna act an audiobook? #AGaudio
Amazing audiobook suggestions (including some of my favourites) I wish I'd come up with a hashtag now, as so many to go through. Thank you!
@BugMom22 beautiful!
RT @HarperAudio: Win a role in American Gods Audio and a trip to NYC to be coached by @neilhimself ! @bookper ...
@harperdesignbks my favourite tweet of the day.
@djkeng @the_Moogims @The_Liesmith I thought that was the next time she was going to be around? Know she was emailling @Fablor.
RT so much fun. Great kids. @YOUmediaChicago: A fantastic morning here at YOUmedia. Big thanks to @neilhimself for speaking to our students!
@chocl8girl Yes.
@djkeng oops. Sorry... I hate it when that happens... But I shall wind up in Vancouver sooner or later.
@djkeng And the good wishes remain.
@TheCullybear same woman. Faked her death in a Gotham alley and fled to Kansas. #marthas
RT @1book1chicago: The delightful @iamjameskennedy introduces @neilhimself at 7pm tonight, Rockefeller Chapel. Will he be foolish? Hope ...
@JulietBonhamCtr @JosieLong real proper books? I can dream.
@writerJames I had ten years at the top. It's cool.
@JulietBonhamCtr So. Your plan for World Domination creeps forward. Very impressive.
@Surreal531 come tonight!
@stamponbunnies @HarperAudio @Bookperk @HarperCollins they did mention it in the rules. And so did I in the tweet.
@JulietBonhamCtr that's what I calm proper criticism.
@videocognito @1book1chicago did they let you in yet?
@kylecassidy is there one? I shall check Audible.
@JulietBonhamCtr many years too late.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Adult Residents of the Continental 48 States! You Can Be In A Real Full... WARNING:Contains me
@dogsofeurope luck. Gosh.
@FaustProuvaire I do not know.

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