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Friday, April 15, 2011

From Twitter 04-14-2011

@Valya I had a salad and an apple.
@mollyjane_k you too! Thank you!
@hmaure the trouble with one way tickets, after all.
@Marjorie73 I are.
RT @thejillthompson: Church of @neilhimself
@lisajane29 I think she's Done with marrying now. I'd suggest merely dragging her off for a night of passion.
I'm pretty sure this is a first for me. I hope some kid there finds it and dreams of freedom and changing the world.
@nataliefisher it's part of a longer sequence that was up on one of the fuckyeahneilgaiman tumblrs
@DalekThay give my regards to Skaro
@jelundberg I think so yes.
@upfrontbrussels kickstarter
Whisked past long lines in ohare airport and all I had to do was sign a stack of books in the airport bookshop. Best author quidproquo ever.
RT THANK YOU to everyone involved. @1book1chicago: @iamjameskennedy @neilhimself One of the best times had in Chicago of late. Thanks!
@neshill it wouldn't bypass long lines.
@nataliefisher if I can go and figure it out from my phone you should be up for a quick tumbl.
@MissyMacLeod agreed.
@djkeng that's great news. Next time I am in Vancouver (it seems to happen every few years).
@fablor @birdchick Russian bees drink vodka?
@thedougman spend time together.
@nathan_marriott I am.
@stamponbunnies grin. Sorry...
@pocket_full as long as @annapulley gives her back afterwards I don't have a problem with that.
RT @indigolantern: @neilhimself can you RT this? The ALA is having a close out sale on reading awareness posters featuring Sandman http: ...
@mistressmousey it's yours when it happens.
@annapulley have a great date with @amandapalmer. She's really nice and every bit as glorious as you might imagine.
Oops. Retweeted that last one accidentally. Although I will be on stage at symphony space NY in 3 hours.
@spork_girl both, oddly.
Symphony Space tonight= Columbia U interview by Paul Levitz. Symphony Space on the 27th is the PRI Selected Shorts reading.
@raliel @amandapalmer yes. But if you are serious about killing yourself I'll be really disappointed. You are so talented and a good guy.
@raliel I just dm d you my phone number. Call me.
@raliel just emailed it to your yahoo address.
@annapulley @amandapalmer sorry. Also she likes crowded interesting bars, and I don't, so you should take her to some.
RT @openbookstore: Miss @neilhimself at UofC last night? We have a few titles (Neverwhere, American Gods, etc..). Every purchase support ...
@jude we spoke.
@knitkat he did. He says he'll be okay and I think he will.
@BGFCentral I don't know. Will ask
@MotleyHippie not yet announced.
@AreSlinkysArt so do I.
RT @amandapalmer: Paul Levitz, former president of DC comics, interviewing @neilhimself, who is cute, for Columbia University http://tw ...
RT @televisionary: Beyond excited about @HBO developing a series adaptation of #AmericanGods with @neilhimself co-writing. ...

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