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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From Twitter 04-12-2011

@ohsumara did it work?
It worked. I exercised. Then, because there will not be time tomorrow morning, I shaved. Now off to bed. Thank you Power of Twitter.
@mrskimyadawson that sounds gloriously rude... mostly just trudging an elliptical thingy.
@ohsumara yup
@mrskimyadawson I would buy it.
@EvelineCF Sure. Happy birthday @elsenpontual .
@RyanPatrick1984 At a guess, because you have the US edition.
@Hicksy_Moi Oh good.
Awake. Dressed. Packed. Organised within an inch of my life, due to the assistanty magic of @fablor, who was up at 5.30am to make it happen.
@ironicitalics nice! good luck.
Now it's off to Chicago for One Book One Chicago stuff. This will be fun. #1b1c
@MrBillyBones glad you liked it!
@leylairoyale come to tomorrow's talk instead.
@cozyrat @fablor isn't she just.
@Booktrust @paul_gravett is a wise man.
@francineshounds all but the latter. The dogs are riding to the airport with us.
TONIGHT I'm in conversation with Audrey Niffenegger at chicago library 7pm, TOMORROW solo talk at Rockefeller chapel U of C, 7 pm. #1b1c
@jshersher I do not know.
RT @Valya: @neilhimself Unless there's been a change, the #1b1c website has you down for 6pm tonight.
That should have been 6 pm tonight for Chicago library Niffenegger Neverwhere event. Oops. #1b1c
@evil_avatar she is interviewing me, but can ask me the same question
@Urrealism do not worry. It just gives me longer to save up your $20.
RT @explorechicago: @neilhimself joins Audrey Niffenegger for a conversation about imagination & creativity, Harold Washington Lib., 6pm ...
@wearecareful @threadless you do, don't you? Hmm.
@evil_avatar like on my website, you mean?
@fairytalevegas I had to explain to someone on Facebook that I am not tiny. Actually the picture is tipped artistically.
@herbisorbis that's good, yes?
@evil_avatar I thought the Night Library book was beautiful and moving.
@lobster_writer I do not know.
RT @1book1chicago: For eager folks who wait today for @neilhimself, we'll give the first 100 or so a #1b1c #Neverwhere poster, by Jay Ry ...
@Tsumiaki last one I did went from 6 pm to 2 am. Mostly now I presign books.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY One book (Neverwhere) one city (Chicago): posted by Neil

I'm in Chicag... WARNING:Contains me
RT @Marjorie73: .@neilhimself Have you seen Steven Moffat's Who ep. Guide in the Radio Times?
@katzevogel I do not know. Will investigate.
@melissa_marr I send so much love to you and your family, human and otherwise.
@vampandora that would be fun!
@sakuralovestea I suppose they do.
RT @MothStories: If you become a Moth member this week, your gift will be doubled AND you'll get tix to our Members Show! It's a win-win ...
@fairytalevegas me too. He's at 45 degrees to the world. Then again...
RT @Huxington: @neilhimself I'll be getting a tatt for the wayne foundation if they raise 10k by 5/13 pls help stop pederasty by RT'ing ...
Hey @BenFolds and @amandapalmer, this is wonderful! Great job, @Fongolia
@shawnaatteberry thank you!
@gralinnaea I think it may be sped up a little.
Just signed 1100 books. These are some of them. Also my hand hurts.
RT @1book1chicago: we're full for @neilhimself and Audrey Niffenegger in the auditorium, but overflow spaces still have seats! @chipublib
@RhondaParrish a bit over an hour
Audrey Niffenegger in the green room. It is very green.
@herbisorbis tomorrow there is no overflow.
RT @chipublib: If you missed @neilhimself tonight, come to U of C tomorrow - he'll be at Rockefeller Chapel at 7 pm!
@katzevogel sorry. It was mad. Trying to figure out a way to do pictures for the tomorrow one, though.
@fablor I think I am glad I missed this.
@iamjoetate @WonderWomanV2 I hope @amandapalmer does not see these photos

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