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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From Twitter 04-11-2011

@cozyrat sending so much love. I hope someone with a good liver dies for you soon.
@teachinggrump sure.
@naveltwins Hurrah!
@BBCWBC of course! I'd be honoured.
RT @SamEades: The @neilhimself #americangods twitter takeover of @SFXMagazine is getting closer and closer - kettle on now!
@Nhinguyen617 a sleepless night in Iceland.
RT @explorechicago: FREE: Enjoy a staged reading of Lifeline Theater's adaptation of @neilhimself 's "Neverwhere", Harold Washington, 6p ...
Right. less than 20 minutes away from the #americangods Q&A I will do while pretending to be @sfxmagazine
@apollopovey I do not know. I'm going to answer questions.
RT @Lord_G_Almighty: I reluctantly read @neilhimself #americangods thinking it was an account of my life. I was pleasantly surprised.
@GodSpeaksToMe Oh good...
Right. Two minutes to go. Firing up Tweetdeck right now. I'll be on the @SFXmagazine account, answering #americangods Questions. Use hashtag
@Hopeful_Regina Sorry.
@AnnaMezentsevaY Thank you so much! I want to go back to Russia.
@georgiamagpie It was the first Question I answered, for someone else #americangods
RT @TheCottonFloozy: Attention all Neil Gaiman fans! I need a quote for this embroidery piece! @neilhimself
Just signed up for @23andme kit at their today discount of $199 off. Passing link along for the DNAcurious amongst you.
@Ariow beautifully drawn! Thank you.
You know, it didn't even occur to me I could #neilwebfail @23andme's blog. Sorry. Go straight to their webpage at
@akhomenko Well, I just got a "this webpage is not available" from @23andMe's blog. But their website should take it.
@joshpotter No, but thanks.
@andyburns Right. @23andme
@briankel101 All literary agents like controversial books if they think publishers can sell a lot of them.
RT @tjcrowley: Sign up for a storefront on a creator-owned comics publishing system for mobile devices! (could you R ...
RT @whooshing: Plain vanilla compilation from earlier today of Q&As about #americangods of @neilhimself take over of @SFXmagazine http:/ ...
@supertailz Did I use the word Free anywhere?
@tarashnat Me too. Give them all my love.
@peterstraubnyc @Center4Fiction It sounds like you will be fine as long as you bring scissors, cardboard, and sticky-backed plastic.
@emmafreud you point out to him that "ae" is NOT a word.
@russellfranks there are 8 shots from my episode in there in all. And about four lines of dialogue.
@CherylMorgan That's sort of funny, except not.
RT @CherylMorgan: And the Eastercon panel on Invisible Women is scheduled against David Webber's GoH talk. Clear separation of interests.
@peterstraubnyc We can construct proper sentences together. With small bricks.
@JulietBonhamCtr you just did the same gag twice.
@JulietBonhamCtr I had. So I was pleased that you did it again. Also, do not bully @MitchBenn.
@KatKeeling that's great. Did you show @thejillthompson ?
@thegreatgonzo @emmafreud Good lord. It's an allowed word.
@JulietBonhamCtr Yes, you're very funny.
@russellfranks I love Dr Who and I am older than you.
@naveltwins every one approved by hand.
RT @steflon: please RT my brilliant Mum is running the London Marathon for Breast Cancer Care, please donate here
@StorRick Yup. I said it was $199 off. I didn't say it was free.
@pimlottc the magic of @danguyf
@bdbowen I saw my son's @23andme results and they were fascinating, so no, not a bit. Unless they grow a new me from it.
@23andMe Sorry about that.
@jaredjohnsmith Right. Not are if you're suggesting @steflon's mum should run for a different cause, or if I shouldn't RT the wrong cancers.
@somemrsreynolds shouldn't you be using your other account?
@AndrewSperling Oh good.
@somemrsreynolds but which one is YOU? Also say hullo to Steven Moffat for me.
3 days before anyone's officially allowed to hear it, extract from now being recorded Full Cast audio of American Gods:
@dontlikeclowns Nope. Wednesday is Ron Mclarty in that. George Guidall read the whole thing in the previous version.
Just recorded the video telling people how they can win a part in the Full Cast American Gods audio. I hate talking at a computer screen.
Looking forward to seeing @amandapalmer on - fundraiser with @imogenheap et al for japan. Wonderful stuff.
RT wisdom @onegemini: Just imagine the audience in their underwear. As it's the internet, they probably are.
@jaredjohnsmith I understand.
@garrreth I will
RT @amandapalmer: i'm on air NOW at my piano on the @live4sendai webcast for japan. WATCH live HERE
RT @olganunes: Just found a pic of @neilhimself, a mysterious girl and The Doctor. #ifyoudontwatchdoctorwhoyoushould
RT Really fun @FunnyShorts: no picture of you in this, but lots of Matt Smith (or at least, my rendition of him). #DrWho
@TheLogicker Really? I've always commented between RT and the person's name.
@Stevenbogart Good.
@rosefox Maybe China Mieville? I wish I could say Me, but I can't see a trace of Peake DNA in my writing, much as I've always loved him.
A big welcome to John Grisham, who succeeds me as Honorary Chair of National Library Week
@somemrsreynolds @fvphoto @fairytalevegas got it. Hullo to all 3 of you.
@somemrsreynolds I ought to say something ominous about you owing me a favour but really just glad to spread a little joy.
I would very much like to go to bed now. But if I say on Twitter that I'm going to exercise I will have to do it. #thepoweroftwitter #bugger

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