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Monday, April 11, 2011

From Twitter 04-10-2011

My normally verybrave dog appears to be nervously glued to my leg. I think this means a thunderstorm is coming. #canineweatherpredictors
What the melting snow revealed... - The dead arm was a gift from the talented @LncArtStudios. The gravestone was found in the woods...
@xLanceHorne Wish I could have been there. How long are you in the Boston/NY area?
RT I think Zombie Canterbury Tales Would work @KatWithSword: Whan that Aprill with his shoures sende, The zombyes to Caunterbury they wende.
This is @cozyrat. She's waiting for a new liver. She is a bit bored and nauseated. You should wave at her.
@djchadderton thank you!
@xLanceHorne I got to spend real time with @MeowTopia in London. She's amazing. In NY next week with Amanda. Hope to see you.
@cozyrat A good day. Loving the warm weather (finally) and the dogs, but missing my wife.
@cozyrat You should. Unless it's not as springlike there as it is here.
@KyouriMitsukai you're welcome!
Low, continual thunder. Sirens going off. Small red dots heading for us on radar. Nervous dogs. How did we go from winter to Tornado season?
@MinaAlisa thank you!
@fablor I will tell @birdchick she needs to go home now. I'm afraid the storms are going to keep her here though...
@fablor She's laughing maniacally and going "People are talking the @paulandstorm thing seriously." Perhaps you should change your password?
@fablor I do not believe I can log @birdchick out without physical violence. Just go to your profile and change your password.
@fablor It will work wherever you are, as long as you know your passowrd. I think I talked her into not doing it any more though.
@cozyrat NO, she isn't. Her twistream was invaded.
RT @amandapalmer: comrade john cameron mitchell (hedwig, short bus) has a @kickstarter going for his new animated short. kick in: http:/ ...
The California Center For the Book has kids write letters about books that changed their lives: read the 2010 winners -
The storm has passed. And I have donated to the John Cameron Mitchell produced animated film "The Ruined Cast":
Now I Finally Understand BATMAN! And if you read this, you will too: #strokeallcriminalactivates
(The Batman thing was from @aftertheschism's Tumblr. She's the one with the amazing Coraline Tattoo
RT @RozKaveney: If people want the Royal Wedding Zombie Apocalypse Flash Mob, please retweet. #RoyalZombieFlashMob It could happen if we ...
@aftertheschism I do. Really liked the bisexuality comics too. Nice job.
@cynthlovescats I'm so glad.
Today's dog in a big puddle photo.
@AndrewSperling if you're going to burn Sandman might I suggest you get all four books of Absolute Sandman and have a bonfire?
@Chelseyblair @maureenjohnson isn't it just a Very Deep Puddle though?
@aftertheschism - Great visual guide to !!!!!!!
RT Yup. Scary. @humorbot5: Next time you write a Dr Who episode, this is literally the scariest thing I've ever seen:
@starresh Vignette
@arrawyn They are, yes.
@JoanofDarkKnits that was what I kept telling @fablor while it was going on. "Change your password" I said...
@miss_randomness I did!
@thatsbull Well, I knew all .ly domains were nominally Libyan, just as .tv domains are nominally from Tuvalu. #SayNoToWarInTuvalu
@Carter_AndrewJ You're speaking to man who had a membership tot he disturbing bunny of the month club for many years. #NotScaredAtAll.
@AndrewSperling Don't even ask. Buy them. Burn them. Here is a link to the first.
@iamsonotcrazy I hope it's still fun to read.
Remember, for 1 hour tomorrow I take over the @sfxmagazine account. Use the #americangods tag to ask me questions there
@AndrewSperling You must not read it any more. There are bound to be other things you will not like. Just buy the books and burn them all.
@anadeathduarte It's all the @sfxmagazine article I linked to, isn't it?
@AndrewSperling Also, you should buy American Gods and burn that without reading it too. Trust me on this. The other books should be safe.
@AndrewSperling Not a problem. But buy the books first. Do not burn secondhand books, that would negate any statement you're trying to make.

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