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Sunday, April 10, 2011

From Twitter 04-09-2011

@KobaiaIsDeMike I'm so glad.
"There he is, ringing his murderer's bell". How did I miss this @serafinowicz-Jack Hargreaves crossover?
Also, in world-shatteringly important news, @mmalkoff raced a bus with a child's trike... and (spoiler here) he won.
@zeldawilliams Sure. My biggest piece of advice is, read @olganunes' blog on Kickstarter at She lays it all out there.
@Kimmiejamms I'll do my best!
@prof_whore_face clean ones?
@Valya Never any panty throwing. But I once did a Chicago gig where backstage was decorated with knickers thrown at Tom Jones.
@Quiara really. it's not necessary.
@Michael_Fan Well, yes, but I actually found it disturbing when @paulandstorm threw their panties at the audience.
@JulietBonhamCtr i think they're funny, although they get funnier as a group. Whatever you do, avoid gunfire.
Have just learned that a birdfeeder squirrel baffle will also baffle dogs, if it has a chipmunk inside it.
@andCUT94 hiding from dogs.
RT @AnneBillson: Is there an official word for the anxiety you feel about not having the time to see all the films, read all the books o ...
@greenspace01 it might have been baffled but it was hard to tell. Chipmunks are inscrutable.
@Glinner @AnneBillson "Life". Yup. That sounds right.
@EmilyWoody Like I say. People think I'm joking. I'm not joking. #Ithinktheyreprosthetic
@JulietBonhamCtr normally it tells you what's being replied to at the end or if you click on the tweet. And no, I missed the Auden.
A Mundo Jazz tribute to W.H. Auden. Profoundly silly. (via @JulietBonhamCtr)
RT @Kiminthelibrary: Oh thank goodness, @neilhimself has a site for young readers. Makes running a kids' reading group far easier!
http: ...
@midnightbex Nothing baffles chipmunks (see the cartoons)
The Best Kickstarter Video I've Seen so far: (Attn @zeldawilliams @fairuza & anyone thinking of doing a kickstarter)
@amandapalmer goodmorningiloveyou
@BessRogers you are welcome! Great job.
RT @chipublib: Neil Gaiman,@neilhimself, will be at Rockefeller Chapel at U of C on 4/13 at 7 pm!
@DavidGrimstone I didn't. That's brilliant!
@PolitelyOffend Please say hello to your cousin Maddy for me.
It's all about the puddles, really.
@SuburbAscetic many
@nortonmouse they are!
@maureenjohnson If it's still there in a month, it wasn't a puddle but a pond. But right now, it's snowmelt and rain...
@Shiari_Roy If it's still there in a month, it'll be a pond...
@maureenjohnson If it lasts, it will be Lake Amanda.
@marthacake just take regular german shepherds and bleach them. #lyingforhumourouseffectdonotdothis
@beatrizdesigner thank you!
@SendMeLetters beautiful!
@JulietBonhamCtr @EosChater I knew somebody would. Er, hurrah.
@JulietBonhamCtr I know. It was much more fun not than it would have been if I had though. This way I saw the @mundojazz video.
@MundoJazz Of course!
RT @JulietBonhamCtr: @neilhimself please RT: Help, I am a respected author being bullied into pointlessly retweeting rhetorical solipsisms
@JulietBonhamCtr I was working my way back down the feed, so RTd it before I even saw your offer. Nice one.
@AndyJCameron hmm.
@MichaelCanBe May 14th, you will know all. And you will marvel at her great intelligence.
@opukana yes.
@amandapalmer Say hi to Alan from me. (Is he going to play Brian in the biopic? And who will be playing you?)
@ThomasJeromeNew Dylan Moran
USEFUL REMINDER: I'm talking in Chicago next Tues and Weds evenings: . In New York on Thursday

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