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Saturday, April 9, 2011

From Twitter 04-08-2011

Failed to exercise today so reluctantly did a late night workout. And then kept exercising to find out what happened next. #bleakhouse
@auntypodes Nope, listening to the Audible audiobook....
@inkograph Hi Kathy! My heart always goes out to him when he has to hit his wordcount.
@auntypodes Was planning to attempt Pickwick next.
I've never been able to explain to others the slightly creepy storytelling genius of Edgar Oliver: But now, on video:
Time to sleep. Goodnight beloved @amandapalmer, asleep in Boston. I'll see you in six days. Everyone else... I don't know when I'll see you.
@mynxdmeanor thank you mynx
I am definitely not the exercising type.
@xochiadame very good man. Known him forever. Well, 25 years.
@digitalcheshire I've done Baptiste power yoga, the hot kind, which I love, but out here it's just yoga in chilly church halls.
@apoorva_dutt what kind of books do you like?
@cozyrat take your meds! You have to be healthy enough to come out in May.
@mimknits Hugh Dickson reads audio #bleakhouse. It's on Audible and is excellent.
@oliviathegreat I am! Write well.
RT It's $10 without Columbia student ID @Sherybeary: For free Columbia tickets to Neil Gaiman: You must have a CU ID
@jldprod2002 No, I exercised. I just don't naturally want to do it. #notanexcerciser
For the record, I still exercised. Even though I am not an exercising type. The lure of #bleakhouse draws me on. #grumpybuthealthy
@cozyrat You aren't a bother. But I'm barely on Twitter/computer right now, trying to hit some deadlines, so I'm probably missing 90%.
@cozyrat Just read down to you eating and meds. Attagirl.
@apoorva_dutt the STORIES audiobook is really, really good.
@iangilman You know @jouniac is currently doing another one. It's nearly finished, I think...
RT @KellyDMcC: For an invisible dog, shortest doesn't matter, & the best route between two points is often soggy.
@cozyrat Just RT'd a photo of @KellyDMcC of the Dogs in the slush...
Follow Friday -- They Might Be Giants are @tmbg. Put a little birdhouse in your soul and follow them. #ff
@cozyrat Beca, you're so YELLOW. (Great shirt!)
@AbbyWilde <grin> #aretherenoprisons #aretherenoworkhouses
@amandapalmer - You think that now. Wait until it starts appearing in your room at night.
@tmbg You are welcome. Let us hope people start to notice that you two are here.
It's spring! With lamppost and dog.
RT @amandapalmer: "The arts are an engine for economic growth." -open letter from tim robbins to congress re: NEA. !ART! ...
@amandapalmer No, darling. Full size. And it will make sad shuffling noises too.
@antonia_romera yup.
@lauriepink I was thinking about #DickensDerbyNames today - What about Little Hell? Allover Twist?
@RahelRachelchen I like all of them. Less fond of New Zealand Marmite though. (It's sort of sweeter.)
@hodgman Why have you and @amandapalmer never done a Uke show together?
@dayghne Sorry. A bit. A bit sorry. #confusedparent
@hodgman you forget that I stood next to you at WITS and I watched you play Uke with your real hands. Not the tin robot ones. @amandapalmer
@lauriepink Lenore Else?
@_SuperKate_ Sending so much love.
@Maxmordon @amandapalmer @hodgman check the video link.
@swaldman good luck
@brandirina yes
RT @SPACEchannel: SPACE Blogs: Neil Gaiman's Episode of Doctor Who Will "Break Your Heart"
@NeilHimself #DoctorWho
(What I said in the @SPACEchannel interview was that Matt Smith's performance is heartbreaking. Not my episode.)
@ptmrtn April 14
Beware of the Dalek.
@djkeng Damn.
@BackstageRider I will. I promise I will. (should have done it here, of course... )
@cozyrat It's soup and salad here. And something called "Scarlet barley".
@cozyrat Um. Possibly.
@cozyrat @Valya It's barley and beets, I think. And lemon juice and stuff. It's an @isachandra recipe. Will report back.
@PastoralDances Brilliant!
@cozyrat @Valya only at new year's for luck.
I should probably point out that WETA still have a few of their amazing Dalek statues for sale
@Lakota_witko You mean I should have got this?
I am an idiot! I #neilwebfailed WETA last time I linked to them, too. Sigh. I shall go back to work and stop breaking internets now. #sorry
RT @juliangough: @neilhimself A friend of mine who worked at a certain TV production company in London would sneak in drunk at night and ...
@origami_owl I am about walking dogs and making up stories and loving @amandapalmer and making people dream and cooking dinner.
@cozyrat It was great! Very red. Want a photo?
@KobaiaIsDeMike I love the way Android autocorrect thinks that Dalek is a typo for Salem. #DalekWitchTrials
@cozyrat @neilhimself @Valya not a great photo. Weirdly, it was even redder than this in real life. More crimson t
@cozyrat @IsaChandra @Valya Not a great photo. Weirdly, it was even redder than this in real life. More crimson th
@cozyrat I mistyped the header so swapped it out.
@Clarkeocrinus Happy Birthday.

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