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Friday, April 8, 2011

From Twitter 04-07-2011

@Memeki314 I threw a couple of words from the story into the search
There's a video for Dan Bern's MARILYN! "Marilyn Monroe didn't marry Henry Miller, but if she did..." #glorious
@StuAndrews Next time...
Sweet film promoting Sunday Times short story contest:
A Blueberry Girl Blessing (this warmed an author's heart): via @Valya
@cozyrat you are welcome. Sending love...
@amandapalmer - Good morning, love. Say hello to Lee for me.
@kelly_lai chicago, not calgary...
I just signed on to support this Kickstarter - 52 Weeks. Amazing looking book, and great incentive rewards:
RT @rethink_music: @BenFolds Damian Kulash @AmandaPalmer @neilhimself to write & record 8 songs in 8 hours @rethink_music ...
RT @amandapalmer: "#TheDirtyView" podcast! sex! freedom! songs! and donations go to planned parenthood (@PPact):
@LEGSpelman I don't think I ever saw a hard copy, no...
@MikeLuoma Why would it be under threat? You can't copyright a title. And your book already exists.
@LEGSpelman check in with @fablor and she'll get you an address.
@MikeLuoma That's not how a Trademark works. You can't TM a phrase & then stop previous things with that title existing.
@MikeLuoma Not hosing you entirely. If he gets a TM for it as a tshirt, it would stop you doing Vatican Assassin T-shirts. But you're safe.
RT @DebStanish: Looking for women in the science, engineering and technology fields who are Doctor Who fans...any suggestions Twitter?
@cozyrat Aww... Next time you're out here, there won't be any snow.
@jilltracymusic I'm still trying to work out where it had been and why the others returned...
The Moth are now putting talks up on YouTube! My story of the day I spent, age 16, on Liverpool St Station, at
@The_Liesmith sending best wishes to both of you. Hope it goes well.
@LegendOfTheEpic Good idea.
On April the 14th I'm being interviewed by Paul Levitz at Peter Jay Sharp Theatre. Tickets $10, Columbia students Free
@cozyrat I write poetry most months.
@hemenwaykid no idea. Let me know if you find out.
Tweet me (disguised as @SFXmagazine) next Monday about American Gods & wind up in the book. All is explained at:
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY If this is thursday then I must be at home: posted by Neil

Hullo.I've ... WARNING:Contains me
@patifimbrethil why @terryandrob & I did.
@JulietBonhamCtr BASTARDS!
@JulietBonhamCtr Some individual poems, but he's not on my list of Poets I Love.
@Lindzey42 Nothing I can talk about.
@Senior_Cthulhu Actually Alan worships Glycon, a snake god. Nothing like you at all.
@neenerspb It is healthy to be excited.
@cozyrat That's so sweet!
@danaqorson I am indeed magic, but you are assuming that the 12th and 13th are the same day...
The Chicago SunTimes interviews me about #1book1city and NEVERWHERE
@lovecraftsman I think my most favourite is THE OUTSIDER, because it was the very first Lovecraft story I read. Like a threshold.
@belcasas You should so do the Moth.

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