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Thursday, April 7, 2011

From Twitter 04-06-2011

@Yogininurse173 @neverwear follow the link...
@amandapalmer @alicethecake mm. And when does the @Evelynevelyn graphic novel you and jason wrote come out?
@drstip no.
@Yogininurse173 @neverwear second link. Near bottom of page...?
@pattonoswalt so Tesla's a bad guy in this one? Or just a solo hero?
RT @SamEades: Fans of American Gods by @neilhimself who fancy getting a question included in the 10th anniversary edition read this http ...
@toksvig and @Kambrieldesign is nice, which counts for a lot.
RT @Newsarama: Want to know what makes @neilhimself feel like a God? Read this #DoctorWho interview by @TheNerdyBird to find out! http:/ ...
I thought that given all my exercising recently, the Wii NewU yoga would be a doddle. It wasn't. Starting the day exhausted & yet stretched.
RT why not? @danBLOO: Hey ask everyone to vote for @amandapalmer on her @MTVOMA nomination for must-follow artist!
@warrenellis and, like Charles Hawtrey in Carry On Henry, I would be so much Taller.
@toksvig and as @Warrenellis just pointed out, someone else does the ratcheting
@quityourJRob it's nothing like wiifit.
RT @leahmoore: Alan Moore publishes Dee opera he is no longer doing with Gorillaz. Please RT and if you li ...
This is hilarious. "My" introduction to new edition of @DuranDuran (It is not real, people reading quickly on Twitter.)
@bethrevis Absolutely. Go and watch Helen at
Just saw @serafinowicz's short film OPEN YOUR EYES Like the Mad "Scenes You'd Like to See" of Robot fighting.
@BadWolfeBay Something weird with Twitter. It's finally reverted to the one it was meant to be all along, without me doing anything.
@Pearlescenceltd I was a baby!
@MidnightRem too funny.
Dear Twitter -- for whatever you've done that's just returned my Twitter icon (& brought back my previous Icon Greatest Hits), I thank you.
@AmethystStars In two weeks: Italian, Russian and Carniolan. Right now; dead ones.
@evandorkin Of course... hay... Hang on. You're a cartoonist. They're RICH.
@AmethystStars Most winters they live. This one was bad.
RT It's mutual @chipublib: Why we heart @neilhimself so much: Don't miss him at CPL and at UofC next week! #chipublib
@latter61 accepting. And interested.
@AwfulNormal Not at all. My link to someone's article about Michael Bay directing it (which I pointed out was an April Fool) was.
RT Great Pics @notthatjeffy: WonderCon '11 pics of the Dr Who Panel w/Toby Haynes, Mark Sheppard @neilhimself -
@Gman2freeman Odd question. Why is anyone gay?
@set132 I can't. But @maddyg44 might.
@notthatjeffy Would you mind if I used one of those photos for a blog about Wondercon?
@Memeki314 I googled it, and found an online Doc version before the end of the first page of results.
@Gman2freeman Still not sure I understand the question. That was what happened in the story.
@Kambrieldesign The new jacket with pockets is beautiful, amazing & perfect. Also now too flappy in front & tight at the shoulders. #newbody

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