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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

From Twitter 04-05-2011

RT there are no words @BenFolds: Very rare @neilhimself tambourine!
@BWitchin @MNRG I hope so!
@iangilman @Jouniac we should!
@KaywinnitFrye I do.
@davidmackkabuki <grin>
@HarryPotatoSex enjoy it. They get more noble and serious as they age.
I really enjoyed @KatWithSword's haunting story Choose Your Own Adventure - life and myth bound together:
@amandapalmer I love you. Goodnight my wife.
Amazing Charles Vess-Susanna Clarke & me auction to benefit libraries in Washington County, Virginia. Details at
@pnh Sorry. Charles told me the link shared with the world..
@fmneyo thank you
@heatherzundel @harperteen funny you should say that...!/item/mga7
Ah! Someone accurately transcribes what I said on my panel re: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE WATCHING #DOCTORWHO
No, no spoilers in that at all. It's my response to what you tell people concerned about stepping in to 47 years of mythology & continuity.
RT @headlinepg: "Tweet Neil Gaiman And Become Part Of Publishing History" - A MUST READ for fans of @neilhimself on @SFXmagazine http:// ...
@lauriepink I did. And no, obviously not.
@nupniddy if Babylon 5 spoilers would've been front page real world news stories they would have been just as guarded.
@gewalker but that wouldn't be true.
@SmartGrowthCCMC I really have to! Would love to see you again and catch up. # campfirebuddies
RT @scalzi: @neilhimself You can have your me removed, but there are sometimes unpleasant side effects to the procedure.
@SmartGrowthCCMC when it is, tweet and email me, and I'll help you tell the world.
@neverwhereluna7 no, and sometimes.
@FakeAPStylebook I'm looking forward to how successful I'm going to be as a writer once I put all your advice into practice. ALL OF IT.
RT @1book1chicago: @neilhimself w/ Audrey Niffenegger! 4/12 6pm #chicago; no official signing, but plenty pre-signed books from @bookcel ...
@amandapalmer looks like comics to me, darling. My advanced comics-spotting senses are definitely tingling. Do you need to know which comic?
@JulietBonhamCtr I want to know how many RTs you get on these now...
A list of all the One Book, One Chicago NEVERWHERE events (with and without me in them) is up at
@JulietBonhamCtr Yup. You definitely did. That was an Amanda one all right.
@0hheystud I'm so glad! Well done!
@nigel_howard I keep waiting for someone to properly ask me.
@dpknowles Yes. But if you don't like American Gods (some don't) you may like other books. And if you DO like it, you may not like others.
@JulietBonhamCtr I thought it was an elegant piece of twitter performance art, that would only have been spoiled if you were retwatted.
Beautiful Farah Mendelsohn article about Diana Wynne Jones, focussing more on the books:
@JulietBonhamCtr or retwooted.
@JulietBonhamCtr I'll go and get a proper job. Good night.
@MoonlitMeda yes.
@amandapalmer I know I can impress you with many things. But knowledge of comics S, fantasy & TV will not do it. I've tried. You just smile.
Why do I say these things? “the last thing on my mind was can I pee in the corner so this episode will smell like Neil”
@amandapalmer also, it tells the truth:
@Lenfunk7 @1book1chicago We should make a film of you, Audrey and @hayleycampbelly robbing a bank. It'll be like Killing Zoe, only funny.
@Ludovicaa s'true
@LukeOeth the best way to enjoy it.
@lauriepink the point was thSt I DIDN'T wee in the oh what's the use...
@Polka_Dot I hope they enjoy it too.
RT @neverwear: photo in which @neilhimself gazes upon a good cause @FibroDuck in a vegan cafe in LA.
@CinemaNostalgia I think so. I know one more story with him in...
@haleynoir someone's April fool's day joke.
@knackeredwriter not any more. LA is so three hours ago.
@FibroDuck @neverwear you are so welcome!
@dharma_punx from the look of my tweetstream, it's done it to everybody.
@lauriepink @toksvig @Ade_on_drums @justkristin if it has cankers they were put in by @Kambrieldesign as a feature.
@oryskid @neverwear we will get you a cabal tee shirt, Babette.
@olganunes look out of your window at night, Olga. You will see me up there being all constellationy... no, now I am in a car. This is just wrong.
@Moogiemom I fear so
@annejohn I was thinking about that one this morning. You have to do me your list of Blogs to republish when you get to the end.
Home now, for a week/ Melting snow flooded my path/ walking twilight dogs #mynightinhaiku
@PolitelyOffend Sure. Is she on twitter?
@blightedkarma @1book1chicago @bookcellar It indicates that the books aren't going to be signed at the event, and is thus useful.
This am @neverwear gave me a hot-off-the-presses Cabal Tshirt: (Buy them for a good cause at

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