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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

From Twitter 04-04-2011

@neverwear see you in 3 hours...
@sasarihurley I am? Looks like San Francisco to me, but you may be right.
@sebmodio send in to @Neverwear
In car on the way to airport. It's 5 am. My me hurts.
@PointZeroOne me
RT It's like a you, except it has stranger hair and generally looks a lot more me-ish @enyathought: @neilhimself what's a me :-(
@Boursin some time Tuesday
@kirksays no...
@specialk526 thank you
RT @DrWhoExpert: With spoiler clips removed, here's the WonderCon Dr.Who panel: Features @n ...
@cozyrat consider it sent.
@mkazoo it was cruel.
@TYBelka ask @Fairuza?
@mkazoo no. And yes she is @olganunes
@Kambrieldesign amazing pockets power! But we need to remodel it for new skinnier me.
RT @KeithLockhart: @neilhimself and you played it so very well! We'll have to do it again...RT: @lancemeek I was playing chainsaw with t ...
RT @1book1chicago: @YOUmediaChicago created this lovely lit mag, with many pieces inspired by #1b1c #Neverwhere by @neilhimself http://o ...
@olganunes @donttrythis such a good meeting of good people.
@KeithLockhart I'll be there. With chainsaw. And @amandapalmer.
@The_Flocco very very very unlikely
@davidmackkabuki wish I could be there.
@matthewebel @jchutchins the two are not mutually exclusive
@KatLermontov I miss them already
@BGFCentral you were there? #mefail
@wossy envy.
@Zombologist no more interviews this week. Time to write.

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