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Monday, April 4, 2011

From Twitter 04-03-2011

@lancemeek I was playing chainsaw with the Boston pops.
@oryskid it's a panel at wondercon not a tv show...
@Urrealism it does...
@MissJenMclean well, in the abstract. I loved seeing the photos of the Sandman Dr sketchys, but have not yet turned up to draw there yet.
@joqatana that's like saying that karaoke nights deprive opera singers of work, surely?
@joqatana Got it. So you're arguing for a modelling closed shop, then? With a union and qualifications?
Beautiful SNOW GLASS APPLES print on sale from artist at Really haunting image.
Should have mentioned that the SNOW GLASS APPLES print is by @alicemeichi - bigger version up at
A few people asking why I like Dr Sketchys. And to them, I say, well, this:
@oodkind yes.
@HappyTwilighter I don't -- but the @cbldf always has some for sale mail order after the conventions. Tell her to drop them a line directly.
@AliceMeichi It's beautiful!
@juliahobsbawm I'm really looking forward to it. Hope I can think of something sensible to say.
Goodnight Twitter. Goodnight beautiful but very lonely hotel room in San Francisco. I think I've travelled too much, too far, recently.
@anaya_sup probably not actually me..
@StoryFolkSinger Very helpful, thank you.
Awake. No point in pretending I'll be able to go back to sleep for an hour, so I'm going to get up and find the gym & listen to BLEAK HOUSE.
@Marjorie73 chapter 41
@Marjorie73 @saraksam love it. I'm on chapter 41, and I weigh about 25 lbs less than I did when I started...
@ReadingRants mostly elliptical and weights
@panda7488 You are very welcome to...
@joqatana But Dr Sketchy isn't poaching the art students from life modelling classes, surely?
RT See you all there! @AshAnneG: Good morning! We're already in line at #WonderCon (there's 6 of us). See you at the #DoctorWho panel.
@ewenchao Tellt he line I say hullo. How many people are there in it now?
@dasiavou's car group. Do not make her late for my panel!
@louiseducray waves to you, @ewenchao & all.
Bumped into Mark Shepherd and Toby Haynes at breakfast. If the panel is as chatty as the breakfast, it's going to be fun... #wondercon
@EmilyJiang Sending love. Sorry I will miss you.
Sheppard. Not Shepherd. Bloody autocorrect.
@89ravenclaw No! You must say hello!
@nSLASHa It was me! I do puzzled really well.
@RobWarren yes. And not all authors are good readers.
Wonderful panel for @BBCAMERICA with @Mark_Sheppard @nerdist and Toby Haynes. Really good people.
@EDexBrown younger.
@Reichs58 good luck!
@RadioFreeSkaro thank you...
@lbc42a and all the press before and after it, yes.
RT This is what you find...@Mark_Sheppard Walking down Geary singing Ian Dury songs with @neilhimself
@neytari yup.
RT @Marjorie73: Your tweets about @lenfunk7's Cradle to Rave show spurred me into booking. I went tonight & had a great time,so many thanks
RT @GenreForJapan: The signed proofs of Anansi Boys by @neilhimself are going for £100, £101, and £105 - surely they are worth more! #Ge ...
@joqatana glad to hear it!
@annamoony There are lots of rules, you just have to figure out what they are.
@89ravenclaw Sorry... Next time I'll say hello first.

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