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Sunday, April 3, 2011

From Twitter 04-02-2011

@merryhousekeepe sending love to her and her mother (and grandmother).
@amandaplamer keep the current icon. A reversed me with strange hair who's actually @amandapalmer talking in typos would break the universe.
@landley yup. See my blog.
Home! Slept for 12 hours... in my own bed... where I will sleep again on Tuesday night. Why, yes, I DO travel too much these days.
@notintheseshoes it's okay. Also, it's not a phrase.
@bluedrag0nfly already a gold flier, on track for Platinum. It's April.
@ChristelFranken it's true. Every mad thing I worry about has actually happened to me at some point.
@GaryLoft yes
@amandapalmer I like you better not looking like me.
@rosiexrainbow I hope you like it.
RT missed this yesterday @manwhohatesfun: @neilhimself owes England an explanation, quoth Martin Amis
@dramaticannie it's pretty obviously a late April Fool.
My plane to SF will be late because the plane on the way in was struck by lightning. This is true.
All the unlikely "news stories" I linked to yesterday (& one I'd missed this morning) posted on April 1st, were not true. #pointsoutobvious
@RunBarbara No idea. I go where the BBC tells me to go.
@Sarah_Kolb tell me about it.
@lklinger Er, yeah, it's an april fool's post.
@Lbartsch don't know if any signing time is planned. It'll be up to the bbc.
@megajim. Chainsaw picture is back?
So last night I deleted the wedding profile pic and put the dark broody one back. This morning it's me & a chainsaw. #TheMysteriesofTwitter
I think @joe_hill has started something with his #fundamentals hashtag. Starting to ponder mine now.
@skipugh this time they have to replace the plane.
@joe_hill I will...
@ayeletw my glorious wife (who hasn't read Sandman) loves your book.
RT @TraceyNH: @neilhimself It's #Autism Awareness Day today. Would you be kind enough to RT to help spread the word on #autism?
#fundamentals Wolfe's Book of the New Sun, Aickman's short stories, All That Jazz (movie), Doctor Who, Round the Horne season 2 & 3 (radio)
RT @RachaelRossman: Four more days to fund my Kickstarter project. Can we do it this weekend?Please share!
@jamesmoran if I were still in the uk I would be there like a really fast Zombie.
@pattyjeres yes!
@amandapalmer you look cute! That's not even in the running.
@psychopomposity after yesterday I don't dare post it.
@KerrieJennifer It was fun! Stay for a while some time and we'll cook together a lot
#fundamentals (Radio) also Hancock's Half Hour seasons 4-6, Jack Benny 1942-50, plays "unman, wittering and zigo" & "under milk wood"
@hayleycampbelly sending love. Missed you friday morning.
@meganbeckwith keep the books. Wear the clothes.
@brubaker his brother, Veryevillo, was worse.
@fairytalevegas me neither ditto
@ayeletw nope.
@joeyesposito Toby surely.
RT @BBCAMERICA: Tomorrow @ 11:30am PT, Doctor Who panel hosted by @nerdist w/ @neilhimself, @Mark_Sheppard & director Toby Haynes. Follo ...
@MeganekkoMausuu but the other one was up for two weeks without problems ...
@stevewdesign ...maybe.
@hayleycampbelly it was your day off. I will see you next time.
RT I love Dr Sketchys @somemrsreynolds: Tell everyone you know. 4/10 I am Amy Pond and you can draw me in my underwear.

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