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Saturday, April 2, 2011

From Twitter 04-01-2011

Checked the phone's Google map with GPS and learned that the train has stopped in Preston. An unmurdery sort of place, I expect.
@Tyburn_Cross @_Tygs happy paper anniversary!
@kevharb damn
RT I thought it was the murdery places. Damn. @GoGoAliza: it's always the unmurdery sorts of places that you need to watch out for the most!
@PolitelyOffend quite right too.
@herbisorbis tried but sort of failed. Room so small, no sense of space in photos.
@TheChrisPaduan yup. For the Dr who panel.
@JackieJack thank you.
@knackeredwriter that way lies madness.
@greylightjane hurrah! See you there.
@cheweydelt @LauraVogel @Moogiemom it worked too -- I retweeted it.
The conductor says the train will be 20 minutes late. I waited for him to add "April fool!" with a merry grin but he didn't. Murders 0.
@PolitelyOffend sleep! Study! Cover more songs!
@lmtcrow I am!
@Ruther2 Shh!
@aetas_amo of course!
@PolitelyOffend weren't you going to sleep and getting off the Twitter?
@dopelgaenger. For another 4 hours...
What's the best place for a vegetarian breakfast in Soho area? (London Soho not NYC).
Lots of people suggesting Mildred's, but their website says they open at midday. When do you lot eat breakfast anyway? #rhetoricalquestion
@Lady_Delirium I'll see you then!
@Margotdarling Deaf? What film were you watching?
Right. About to have breakfast with @mitchbenn. Thanks for suggestions. We are acting upon them. Er, one of them.
@Flagging if I was dragging a bag and walking with a daughter, yup, it was me.
@benrin now you tell me!
@MythicDocWho Oy vey indeed. Not to mention gavalt.
@Gaijinsan21 Less obvious for the first 10 of those 60 years, given that neither I nor Dr Who existed yet.
Safely on Heathrow Express. My airport panic ("I'll miss my plane! They'll have changed airports without telling me!") has already set in.
So glad I will be in the air as the April fools with me in them start. So whatever it is, sure, it's true. No matter how unlikely.
@kylecassidy @fairuza so true.
@raliel Rtd it. Hope people do not think it an April fool...
As (pretty much) usual, airport panic was a waste of good panicking time. Empty airport so through Heathrow security in 2 minutes. Happier.
@LisaRFM especially that.
We should make one...@PeterjNicoll: is there a day in London like #LeopoldBloom day for Neverwhere?
@shutitoff so sweet. Thank her for me. Glad the booklove survived the dissertation.
@Joannechocolat Next time I'm in London, I shall.
@mollycrabapple Where do we start?
@stevenmitchellw @sprooke wound up at the milkbar in bateman st. Best muesli.
@mollycrabapple @raliel @drsketchylondon hmm. Trying to remember if there are any dates mentioned in neverwhere other than April 23rd.
@Jackzilla I used to be large but I suppose I'm now a medium.
@MrVilliers the milkbar in bateman st
RT @raliel: So..... All @neilhimself fans.....Neverwhere readings and filmings Sat 2 April
Angel tube 11am -12noon meetup in aid of @1bo ...
@raliel robin can you delete the first version of this?
@TaraCorin it was done in Chicago last year. But if you want to try just talk to my agents. See website FAQ.
RT @raliel: All those who are coming along to the Neverhwere read tomorrow at Angel Tube 11am ..just look out for the purple tricorn...I ...
@halphillips a kinder murder
@amandapalmer Amanda.....?
@Margotdarling deaf means you can't hear. According to Beowulf, he couldn't stop hearing.
@Make4Macmillan talk to @fablor.
@fablor @amandapalmer mm-hm.
I've landed. April 1st so far brings us Gerard Way starring in Sandman, Michael Bay's American Gods movie & @amandapalmer's twitter avatar.
@michaelsolomon I miss her!
Sorry. To all people writing: Should probably have explained concept of April Fools Day before mentioning previous "news" items.
@golddustalex I'm just reporting the ones that I'm being asked about.
@gralinnaea I hate you, sir.
@Make4Macmillan she's my assistant and sends out signed books. Do I need to explain this?
RT @neverwear: - keep $10 bucks in your wallet, order before midnight tonight...SAUCERS, 2nd ed. in chocolate ...
@amandapalmer @Vio_laine the hair was from American Gods where I swore a mighty oath not to get a haircut until I finished the book.
@newageamazon hail cthulhu.
@JackieKessler oh. Ok:. Well, on April 1st people post Fake news stories to the web.
RT NOT EXPLAINING THIS EITHER @newageamazon: Gerard Way Confirmed To Star in Movie Adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman Still my favourite April 1st article.
@BillCorbett will you get big shoes?
@ptmrtn the beard was shaved off after the first draft. The long hair went at the second draft.
@amandapalmer better make that a hundred and one, Palmer.
@scribegrrrl read the whole thread. I was trying to explain to all the people asking questions what those articles were.
@MaluBVargas 40
@TomLuth thank you <g> Tom.
@Margotdarling Roger Avary asked me to.
RT @hollyherself: Also- you can tell i am drunk because i just gave all of my veggies and cereal to the homeless woman outside my door.
@amandapalmer Also, I STILL HAVE THE HAIR. Wendy from Hair Police cut it all off, & still it's in a box. When I go bald we can glue it on.

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