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Friday, April 1, 2011

From Twitter 03-31-2011

Wake up to read about @amandapalmer having a close encounter with @SimonJCLeBON. Last day in Middle of Nowhere. Tonight, sleeper to Euston.
@nataliefisher hurrah
@nataliefisher It's not what you or I would call phone reception. There is a landline that crackles all the time, and no cell.
@pnume207 We've met, yes.
@nataliefisher the kind of internet connection that lets you do Twitter. Or watch a YouTube video if you don't mind waiting a few hours.
Am now 4000 votes behind @BorowitzReport, who has discovered that he can persuade his people to VOTE DAILY. (Bastard.)
@pnume207 no
On the good side, they're now only counting YES votes, so Sarah Palin has dropped from #3 to #20.
Vote for me. Because it's not just a vote for me. It's a vote for Dr Who. For @StephenFry (cos they aren't on the list)
@RoRoMoFo82 Nope. Only one TV episode - #4 of the new season.
RT can such things be? @DaisyDSuperStar Don't tell him, you can also vote more than once a day by opening another window in a new browser
@catacoma Not a sausage.
What I learned from Bleak House Chapter 40: Dickens could do double entendre boob jokes, & "refrigerator" is an older word than I thought.
@noelrooney 4. May 14th.
@KaliBlack Probably a bit of both.
@SamhainNight Me too! I voted for @DRUNKHULK .
@droquinha Sure. Happy birthday.
RT Not yet - thanks @Titchener OED dates 'refrigerator' even back to 1611 but I'm sure you looked it up already. #etymology #oxford
@LisaRFM and like a fool, I told all my followers to follow him! How could I have been so blind?
RT @Anniemole: Some lunchtime reading, my interview with Ajit Chambers, man who wants to open disused Tube stations ...
Mysteriously, a Dr Who producer's quote about my episode is now being retailed as a quote by me:
For years I've half-planned to make a video for @jonathancoulton's RE:YOUR BRAINS. Now I do not have to. #brains
@BadWolfeBay looks like it. Bizarre.
RT @theindelicates: ALBUM LAUNCH: David Koresh Superstar: LONDON
@birdchick @jawboneradio @bstiteler amazing Zombie work.
@StaceyUK via @comixology
RT @comiXology: @neilhimself @StaceyUK Sandman on Web, iOS and Android! (web link:
Epic congratulations to @manmademoon -- his SF film SOURCE CODE comes out tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to it (loved MOON). #goodfilms
I am on the sleeper train from Inverness. It is just like MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS, only with an egg & cress sandwich, & no murder. Yet.
RT good idea. If I get murdered. Clues. @becaolivetree: do keep us appraised if anyone murders you, please. You could live-tweet the event!
@EllenKushner oh good. #wasworried
@MartiMcKenna they do not!
@BBCAMERICA I'll be there. Well, assuming that I'm not murdered on this train, obviously. #wondercon
@jilltracymusic "He's a murdered writer. She's a rock star. They fight crime." It could work.
@tmcamp only if I kept tweeting posthumously.
@DrWhoExpert space train!
@billt I will wake in euston alas.
@atc1990 I go where @bbcamerica says and do what it tells me. Er, no idea.
RT alone. They will come in the night. @Al__S: do you have a cabin to yourself, or are you sharing with a stranger?
@adywear I do. 23 years ago...
@BarryPierce yup. Most recently 2 years ago.
@DuckyMacDuck no, just to catch the train.
RT @Moogiemom: @neilhimself Pls RT this. Going for 2,170 mi on the Appalachian Trail. Contribute. Receive goodies.
RT insert lovelorn sigh here @millerqueen: I always picture Some Like It Hot thinking of sleeper cars. Is there a hot ukulele player about?
@cozyrat isn't the snow done yet?
@bohdel is where I would start.
@swimgurl1 just put them on YouTube and link.
@sasha81 I've been there!
@MarcAbrahams I might. At least a verse.
Right. I've locked the sleeper room door. About to turn off the light. Next stop: Euston Station. Unless I get murdered, of course. G'night.
RT @Confessions123: Movie Reviews: SOURCE CODE. Duncan Jones beats the sophomore jinx with his riveting sci-fi action pic http://tinyurl ...
@MauiDrilon will for. Home tomorrow.
@mefloraine Bugger.
@wittytoddy let me know what you think at the end.
Still on sleeper. Not murdered yet. Apparently I wake up when the train stops for a while.
@kapnkaty so far so not murdered.
RT @neverwear: look! $38.00 until midnight, Friday April 1st, you living dolls. SAUCERS IS BACK ....
RT @MitchBenn: Putting another Mitch Benn Music Podcast together; anyone else got any more funny songs for me?
@patrickmadams 4;43
RT No thrusting packages from any gender. A packageless murderless journey. @bstiteler: no femme fatales thrusting packages into your hands?
@PolitelyOffend I do?
@phoebe_mcgee oh good.
@WhiteAsNoise thank you!
@megx87 I don't get in to Euston for another 2 hours...
@ItsSonicGlitter I saw @sleepnomorenyc in Boston and loved it with my whole heart.
@culfinglin Scottish Rail.
@lnaturale but I like my wife...

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