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Thursday, March 31, 2011

From Twitter 03-30-2011

RT @TonyParsonsUK: Just before he knocked me out, the anaethesist said,"You should read American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. And it's good. St ...
@Ruther2 Wire. The Doctor's Wire.
@evilbob_mt I shall. In fact, I shall go back in time and convince @stevenbrust to join Twitter months and months ago for you.
@mgaiman There are probably people you can get in for it.
@mbrown9412 That one actually came from a dream with a plot.
@anneloup lovelove back at you.
@sephshai the same. Don't do this. Don't start a fight with reviewers, don't fight with your readers.
That poor author meltdown over criticism of her bad grammar & spelling is pure Dunning-Kruger Effect. See transcript at
@PollySamson CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you win. xxx
@steven_moffat for bad reviews, the day after the first episode of NEVERWHERE aired was up there. & I may avoid papers & internet May 15th.
@lauriepink I knew it.
@TummyJimmy suck it up. Move on. Occasionally write lengthy crushing putdowns in my head and then do not send them.
@djryan I think you mean @ActuallyNPH. Different Neil. But a wonderful person nonetheless.
@PhoenixDoth You'd have to take that up with @amandapalmer, who picked the Tweets and sang them.
@DaveMcKean @MotleyHippie Who was leading?
@acosmos don't force yourself too hard. It's a bit of a Marmite book, and really isn't for everyone.
Matt Cheney's Sandman analysis continues with A Game of You. (Truly, it was censored to "thingie") (via @GestaltMash)
@StuffAstridSays Ah....
Watching Matt say my line in this makes me SO happy. I mean, er, blase. Dr Who Season 6 trailer #ItsActuallyHappening
@cyberspice Thessaly's Moon goddesses predate Artemis by thousands of years. And gods (and goddesses) are amazingly petty. #readthemyths
@cyberspice That's heartbreaking.
RT @TIME: Author @neilhimself is still leading our 140 best Twitter feeds poll. Vote now! | #TIME140
@thatpatmattshow you have to talk to the BBC. They own my Sunday at wondercon.
@amandapalmer A link to @mrskimyadawson on the Moth I told you about: there. (I know. I just stopped writing to eat) x
@ahalavais It is!
@thatpatmattshow Nope -- I'll be travelling from the UK to the US on Friday and from Mpls to SF on Sat. Sunday's the day.
@Yaoi415 just the Doctor Who panel, I'm afraid.
@rosscott FAME!
RT @rosscott: @neilhimself You're featured in today's comic! Prossibly because I'm currently reading American G-ds.
@mrskimyadawson S'true. I think @amandapalmer only married because I was a cat who told people to keep writing, on Arthur.
@mrskimyadawson PS. loved your Moth story. Also loved Walk Like Thunder, which Amanda sent me when my friend Diana died.
@jillkitchen Sure. Happy Birthday @fellthisgirl
@love2bmolly we do. Glad you are still here.
Sleep now. Tomorrow's my last day in the lovely house in the middle of nowhere. It may be cursed, but it has an Aga & a plum tree. G'night.

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