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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From Twitter 03-29-2011

@livrollerbirds I'd try! Talk to @fablor.
@Nelkitty rememberage?
While I slept the plumber came & fixed the boiler. Central heating! Not having to type in gloves or wear a coat in the house! O blessed day!
@drakemullet There are two fireplaces here that do not heat the whole house. But worked as hard as they could last night.
@BKM_Malarski It is (according to SFX).
@Jackzilla I'm afraid the title is no longer embargoed.
@GyozaMan Very wise.
This isn't why I love @amandapalmer. But if I'd never met her, it might tip me over the edge: #SingingBadTweets.
@capnmarrrrk I married her. I'm now allowed to say it if I want to.
I do not mind being beaten by @Borowitzreport in the #TIME140 poll. But if Sarah Palin pulls out in front it will hurt.
If you ever have dreams of being a writer, please trust me & DON'T DO THIS: Just don't. Just.... don't. #CantLookAway
@oodkind Alas I will be on a plane home then.
For those of you puzzled about what I'm talking about, read the comments, as the author loses it then loses everything
@Vanessa_Linna Oh, I think self or e-publishing is just fine. But never harass reviewers.
@Bassman_PhD exactly.
@Marjorie73 I felt sorry for her from her first reply.
@evilrooster grin
@DadaIsGalletas Not me, not this time.
An NPR Book Club wants a graphic novel and has chosen SANDMAN:DREAM COUNTRY (Yes, I know it is 4 graphic short stories.)
@thebrimo I bite my tongue until the urge goes away.
@marilynpeake perhaps. But not to write books.
@ifearzombies we all did.
@DadaIsGalletas see you there!
RT @sciencegurlz0: @neilhimself Can you please help spread the word? Dolphin samples from Gulf being confiscated from researchers http:/ ...
@Angry_Panda yup. It's at @comixology
@CaptNeptunium if one up and coming author remembers it and bites her tongue at a bad review, it'll be worth it.
@SendrilesWench no, but it made me smile.
Right. Dinner break over. Back to writingness and Monkeyking.
@RCarterHall me too.
@Eggsfreebnik not a problem. #allthelittlecowsgomoomoomoo.
@Puzzleclocks @Aulieude I did.
@wwborders Not this year. Too many things I've already agreed to do, and I'd just let everyone down.
@Bluestalking twice! All details at #1b1c website.
@edwardrussell @steven_moffat You know, when we tell them on Friday that it was an early April Fool's... No, can't even go there as a joke.
@gwld I will -- you never know. It might happen. (Or @amandapalmer might need to record something in a hurry.)
RT The 1st print run sold out fast @neverwear look! $38.00 until April 1st, you living dolls. SAUCERS IS BACK...
Here's Jouni's "Day the Saucers Came" print as an infinite canvas: (Preorder the physical one at )
@dalekhugger22 can't I do both?
The thing that tells you if I've blogged and says WARNING:CONTAINS ME seems to be asleep. is the spooky new blog entry.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Hang on, I thought, if I read this in a book I'd be a bit worried: post... WARNING:Contains me
@scaryduck Curs-ed.
Dear Twitter, my profile picture has mysteriously reverted to what it was before I changed it to what it is now. Er. Not that I'm grumbling.
@LiberatumGlobal Talk NOW to Lorraine = @fablor. I have to warn you, May 2012 is already the most popular time to invite me around the world
@halphillips You are so welcome!
RT Of course! @BorowitzReport: Neil, could you please have your 1.5 million followers follow me? Level the playing field? K thanks.
@paulkraff There must be a central clearing place for academic papers on comics by now -- mustn't there?
@paulkraff There are at least two books of academic essays on Sandman and me. The Sandman Papers &, er, the other one.
@Athurian extensively covered in my blog.
@lauriepink - Why does it look so much like a warthog then? And are these invisible stealth daleks?
@MeganekkoMausuu I tried deleting the wedding one, and it seems to have reverted to the moody one. Good call!
@melebeth Saw it in Boston. Hope to see @sleepnomorenyc while it's on.
@SweetRoo7 It says 666 on my screen.
RT @diannagraf: more and better here - - strange and beautiful: fairy tale photographs by Miwa Yanagi via @neilhimself
@nickbrittin I'm so glad. Give them my best.

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