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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

From Twitter 03-28-2011

@adamhorovitz She really is. Such a remarkable person.
@KaseyLansdale I just got a suspicious email claiming to be from you, stranded in London and needing funds. You may want to warn people.
RT gosh! TIME @neilhimself You’re on our list of 140 best Twitter feeds | #TIME140
Just realised you can vote at for whether or not you think I should be on TIME's 140 twitter list. If you feel like it.
@knackeredwriter Not really. Or not in the way that people are saying.
For what I actually said on American Gods rights being sold: (Which is all I'll say until things are announced)
Beautiful portrait of (and blog about) Michael Zulli and art by @kylecassidy at
RT so they say- @ian_wac: Have you noticed that your current Avatar makes you look a bit like a young Leonard Cohen?
RT ok @intrepidimages: Please wld you highlight @AnimalDefenders who've exposed elephant abuse at Bobby Roberts Circus?
@b4eve don't be.
@MrDavidLight Not a word.
@filhotedelua which is one of the reasons I started to blog.
@editingmadeeasy I believe that mistreating huge intelligent animals makes us less human. Empathy and kindness are human virtues.
@SilverLily That's certainly what I believe, yes.
@steven_moffat So it's definitely "The Doctor's Wig" then? Because "The Doctor's Wilf" reveals that Wilf is the Doctor. #CribbinsSpoiler
@BadWolfLil Great actor. Good in THOR.
@AnimalDefenders Go for it.
@JusticeCharlene thank you!
@bstiteler "Wire"
@jayzerocool thank you very much
Yes, Doctor Who Ep 4's title has made it onto the internet. Because the title is a spoiler, I will let you find it yourself. #spoilerssweety
@GuyClapperton Why yes.... yes it was....
@HollyCowley1996: shame David Tennant isn't in it -- Well, even more of a shame Patrick Troughton isn't in it...
@Ludovicaa Hartnell was my first...
@DennisMLane perhaps the 140 character limit of twitter had something to do with it?
@xBelladonnaRose probably very wise.
@dogunderwater I didn't say it didn't. I said you didn't have to be Greek to enjoy it. There is a huge difference.
@Bedford_Falls me too. Although he might be getting too old now.
@landwarsinasia who?
@dogunderwater It was part of a longer reply to the specific question "How can anyone not Chinese enjoy The Journey to the West"?
You lot are amazing. I'm at #1 on the TIME list! It won't be long before Lady Gaga or @hodgman kicks me off. Still...
@dogunderwater I have a low opinion of people who get huffy about out of context interview fragments. But I am sure you are better than they
Was just sent . Made me want to show to it anyone who thinks fiction is unimportant, going SEE?
@Sadacus You'll enjoy them.
@robotech_master No, and I find it frustrating. Hope that the reissue will include CC.
@dogunderwater I suspect that actual quote was that there was nothing inherently Greek about the ability to enjoy the Odyssey, if that helps
@TLGurl You're kind, but no. It proves stories are important.
@scotpaulabear Me too. I think @amandapalmer should be there...
@dogunderwater I do. Do you understand why I find it disheartening when people take & extrapolate from out-of-context quotes or misquotes?
@hodgman No, I fear you John Hodgman. Do the enemies of @DRUNKHULK mysteriously disappear in the night?
@hodgman also BESPOKE SHARPENED PENCILS. And a CERTIFICATE of SHARPENING. Nothing pleased me more than this.
@tbskyen I actually L'd Out L on that one.
@DianaInHeaven then I am doomed!
@amandapalmer I will go back to writing now, with my tail between my legs. I love you. PS It really is cold here.
@hodgman was going to do a whole thing with photographs and a plug for @letsgetshort when I get home...
@maureenjohnson Strangely enough, my wife did once take on @hodgman & @DRUNKHULK, and won by several points, a goal, & a technical knockout.
RT @GenreForJapan: @neilhimself : signed proof copies of ANANSI BOYS are going for only £35 in our charity auction for Japan. Surely you ...
RT now with link @genreforjapan: Thankyou for your support, we really appreciate it! Lots #72 73 & 74 #GenreForJapan
@KaylooHollywood well done!
@HannahSutker Hi Hannah's mum.
@rolandscriver Why stop at II for Romana?
@amandapalmer Have a wonderful #shortyawards. Bring home the gold. Or whatever colour a shorty award is. Also I love you. Goodnight.
@HannahSutker Your mum is the wonderful Beverley Constad? Of course I haven't forgotten her. Also say hi to your grandmother from me, then.
@khan44411 Why would I be unhappy with the air date? Is something else happening on May 14th?
@jessegamble @dartias Oh Good. @AmandaPalmer told me what she had planned. It sounded brilliant and funny. #shortyawards
RT @literary_hippie: One of my students begins and ends her paper with a quote from @neilhimself's American Gods. #automaticA
@theblacklily you could name one Didi.
@Rebekahdg I didn't know that.
@persolo probably.
@theblacklily aw....
@amandapalmer @shortyawards #HardForAstronauts. That's my girl. G'night.
Congratulations to @TheBloggess, my favourite politician, on her @shortywards win.
Goodnight. Tomorrow an Aga technician will come to this bleak chilly house, & so will a boiler repair person, and there will be heat. #brrrr
And if you get bored in the night, head over to and tell them whether or not you think I deserve to be on their list.
@Murkeymurloc Talk to @neverwear
@aicsouth Next time I come back to Alabama? Sure.

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