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Friday, March 25, 2011

From Twitter 03-24-2011

Long day of interviews spent trying a) not to say the same thing over & over, b) not actually give anything away about DrWHOEp 4 (title etc)
@chris_allen I hope you like it!
@benjamin_cook it was so much fun (especially being able to actually talk about who did what to whom with what and why)
@pattonoswalt @DreyDBones So did you two say hullo on the plane, or were you just glancing twitters in the night?
@ELDING Classic Twilight Zone for Rod Serling, definitely.
@denofgeek You are so welcome.
@AutumnThorne Well, yes, I am, if you put it like that.
@bafocomics Not as long as you bought the book first...
@realjackbowman Probably black or green. Food? I like good sushi but am learning all about veggie food these days. Title/Synopsis? Good Q.
@rchiswell Not really. Well, sort of. But not really.
@bafocomics Of course. It's like a Humument...
@QueenMooCow Help, @glinner, she's #mrsdoyling me!
@ArthurAveiro23 Gosh...
Have taken @hollyherself to see Meow Meow in "Umbrellas of Cherbourg". Possibly not the wisest thing to do when jetlagged. Reality's fragile
Tonight I saw @meowtopia in "Umbrellas of Cherbourg" at the Gielgud. Meow is amazing, and the show is good, but not as good as she is.
@kristinameister I do not know. Up to the BBC who are scheduling my time when I am there.
@hllangel Sorry
@cyndaelle Only one. And the only solution was to figure out what made her bite (being stroked below the head) & not do it.
@Angry_Anubis Glad you are back. Hope things are going a bit better...?
@meganbeckwith I read a favourite book.
@becca_darling You're right. @MeowTopia is better than pretty much anything.
@meganbeckwith One that makes me happy. (They change with time.) The ones that feel like good places.

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