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Saturday, March 26, 2011

From Twitter 03-25-2011

@Angry_Anubis glad to hear it.
@amandapalmer should I listen to it? Had decided life too short.
@Angry_Anubis forgiven.
@DominikH just a photo I took accidentally trying to work out if the phone camera was on.
Terrific Alan Moore interview at #greatestlivingenglishman
@MotleyHippie why would @lauriepink say that?
@MARIADAHVANA @amandapalmer good. I'll skip it then.
@heathen_king out of interest, which of my people and what did they say?
RT @hayleycampbelly: New blog post, in which I am out to lunch.
@heathen_king I believe Alan transferred his rights to Emotiv and Mick Anglo who sold them to Marvel Comics.
@JosieLong really liked your Dodgem Logic stuff.
@doctorow the Vera Brosgol is magical!
On a train. Dodgy internet service. But I'll answer Twitter questions for the next 20 minutes as best I can.(Unfollow/re-follow if worried)
The WILLIAM books and THE JEW OF MALTA @wrotethatmyself: Where did you get your inspiration for Good Omens?
Yes, a lot. It's still home, even after 18 years of living in the USA @SonnyWilliamson: Okay, I'm game: ever miss Blighty?
I edited FITNESS magazine for a week, and knew NOTHING about Fitness @ewillse What's the oddest non-writing job you ever had?
CORALINE's house in Nutley was Littlemead @yesireally
Windsor Smith. Wrightson Kirby @krislandis any artists you regret not having worked with in Comics? Or that you'd still want to work with?
I read a lot. @EmmyMG: How in the world did you learn so much about Gods and myths?
sometimes yes @smidge_L: Do you miss your characters after you finish writing them?
I did. There's a real Magic to writing INTERIOR TARDIS CONTROL ROOM @ShivvyShiv: Did you enjoy writing an episode for Doctor Who? :)
Merv Pumpkinhead @paulswinnipeg: Which one character of yours would you most prefer to run into at the supermarket?
Train arrived early so I have to stop. May try round two tonight. Thanks for questions!
@MeowTopia it was magic
@JPFields episode 4 of next season.
@badgersmack I hope she wins.
@3ammagazine he really did
@rafides some
@WeAreTheRedmen isn't he lovely?
@Jon_Playmaker talk to librarians.
@amandapalmer then I shall, love.
@BeakerMeeps hullo Beaker.
@metafictionblog @Csroush I'm not sure the two are always mutually exclusive.
RT @kickstarter: Project of the Day: An animated film collaboration featuring Molly Crabapple and a very catchy tune: I've loved the song for years and want to see the animation very badly.
@Blasphemina yes. And @kickstarter has worked for most of the ones I've supported. When it doesn't it's often lack of clarity.
On train back after a rough day. Going to answer a few more questions. Again, snooze me if you do not want a deluge of tweets. (Sorry.)
Not a penny. @fraserlaeto Does JK Rowling owe you any money for anything?
@raliel where?
Matt's screwdriver is fancier. @BGFCentral: Who would win in a sonic screwdriver fight - Tom Baker or Matt Smith?
A very good chance @RhiannonMair Any chance you'll be at the Edinburgh book festival this year? (:
@mnoble81 good luck!
Should be out soon, yes. @PettyRabble: Any plans for an ereader version of Good Omens? Couldn't find one last time I checked.
Yes. But my wife has signed a hundred breasts for every one I've scribbled on @TheAmyZoo: Has anyone ACTUALLY asked you to sign their boobs?
WHERE YOUR EYES DON'T GO @Hey_Its_JC: what's your favorite TMBG song?
I said goodbye to a dying friend in a hospice. And I don't know. @kateweb: Why was your day rough? And will tonight be better?
Yes. @Agent_M: Do you like tacos and/or pizza?
Sure: motorcycle bedroom junkyard @jamesmcgraw: Can I have three words from your Doctor Who episode?
There is only The Doctor @hardluck_hotel: What was it like writing for Matt Smith's Dr Who? Is there a Doctor you would have loved to write?
Roller Derby. Because I love the people who do it, so care more about it. @ptmrtn favorite sport and why?
Too many to choose. The list would just keep going. @SamDGrover What is your favourite Lou Reed song?
That they let me ride the gryphon @nwhepcat: What is your favorite thing about the House on the Rock?
THE ZARBI when i was 4. Daemon at 12. @PeteBottomley: What Dr Who monster scared you most when you were younger? Or were you very brave?
Probably ARCHER'S GOON.But they're all so good. @flockofwords: Favourite book by Diana Wynne Jones?
Kind. @Phlambler: What do you want to be when you grow up?
@TheNickDuffy I did. Let me know when you need the RT.
@princess_malv @Coolsuri it will not last much longer.
I'm righthanded but do lefthanded things like wear my watch on my rt wrist @SammytheMighty: Are you right or left handed? Or ambidextrous?
I stole it from an Elvis Costello /Was Not Was song @stygianjim: Why did you pick the name Shadow for protagonist in American Gods?
If you do not tell your bees the news they might leave. @Unexpected_Rain: Do you ever talk to your bees?
@liamkruger Wednesday was a god. Shadow was a man.
Yes, still good friends. I don't know. Probably. @cavernadeplatao: are you still friends with tori amos? will you ever work together?
Nope. Not even a bit: I had fantasies of writing @talesofGrim: When you were 20, did you feel like you knew where you were going in life?
OK. Sorry. I'm done. @jakebowman_: Love the stuff you do and write and I'm interested in what you do, but please stop spamming my twitter.
Just noticed a couple of replies from earlier didn't post. So the last two are on the way.
I've never worked a Renfest. That was my assistant@Fablor. @emclark23 do you miss working at Minnesota ren fest? What do you miss most?
Death. @thatmadgirl Zombies vs unicorns vs wizards vs robots. Who wins?
@CallMeGoldie I was in China. And yes, a few. I'll read short stories for Public Radio at Symphony Space on the 27th.
@cherokymtns I am sure I will. But I will explain the whole stop following for an hour thing very slowly and carefully first.
@mresheep Alas no, although Dorie is a terrific agent and I adore her (my US agency changed representation).
@Bobatim I didn't reply to roughly 2000 questions today.
@MrsTmama Thank you!
@SpikedMartini No... why, does Margaret talk to her bees too?
@PennyRed All of the above?
@Marjorie73 I'm glad I had the chance to say goodbye. Wish she could have heard me.
@DrunkenCupcake Actually, that ne's my tune and lyrics. But they're her chords.
@LusciousLani It would have been the talk of the afterparty.
@Valya I hope so.
@biscuitbuscemi @jamesmcgraw A junk yard is one thing. A rubbish tip is another. EG's_Lane
@MellisCalx @birdchick Next Renfest it'll be Cabal and Lola...
@joqatana I'll only be there for a couple of hours...
@stygianjim I think so. That one's fuzzier.
@duh00 Yes.
@theJBRU It had been a long day.
@Chumplet thank you.
Difficult day. Death is an inevitable part of life, but it's still hard. Talked to @amandapalmer at the end of it, & felt more like myself.
Should add that my friend isn't dead yet. But in final, final stage of life. Goodnight.
@LusciousLani the nonsense was the best company.
@giakali strangely, that was what I was thinking about today.
@eljaycohen not to worry

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