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Thursday, March 24, 2011

From Twitter 03-23-2011

@warriorspoet I typed it on the autoposter that puts up blogs, and cannot remember how to stop it.
@eachus ignorance on my part, and your pitch didn't seem clear. If I'm moved to contribute I RT. Many kickstarters I don't.
@TiredHippo probably
RT @nerdist: Announcement! Doctor Who panel at WonderCon 4/3 w/ @neilhimself, Toby Haynes & Mark Sheppard, moderated by ME! http://nerdi ...
@katemckinnon nope. In a room all day trying not to repeat myself.
@TheBloggess I could not agree with you more.
Wonderful evening with @wossy and family. Trying to work out why phone decided to correct Wonderful to Wonderbra in previous sentence.
Not the most cheering thing for me to find on my hotel pillow tonight.
@LouisatheLast congratulations!
@jupitusphillip I can't. The BBC is paying.
@RyanDM86 pocket lint or something your aunt gave you that you don't know what it is.
@jupitusphillip I am lucky. And I think they like my Doctor Who episode.
RT @DaveSFoley: @neilhimself Got caught in the rain. Thin hair made to look balding. Wish I had a hat.

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