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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From Twitter 03-22-2011

@cozyrat I was a baby...
@amandaschneider I love it!
@amandaschneider Well, it's a 1998 photo...
@cozyrat I check DANCING WITH THE STARS nervously every season to make sure I'm not in it.
@amandapalmer Well, yes, obviously. But I'm YOUR Satan, so it's okay. #marriage
@mactando Then you wait another two or three years and see what you think of the next Doctor.
Good night universe. Good night wife who thinks I am Satan because I follow 666 people. Good night #MyNightInHaiku writers. Dream sweetly.
@julietbonhamcar , I suspect I'll regret asking this, but, no, why?
RT @pjgoespop: @neilhimself Lend us an RT? I'm 1 of the mods at fandom auctions to raise funds for ...
@girl_onthego I didn't even know there was going to be any standing in line... @WonderfulStuff,
@NukeLuchins And you are...
@WonderfulStuff Could you pay a street urchin to stand in line for you?
@julietbonhamcar I knew I'd regret it...
@julietbonhamcar I looked at the website & the sample sounds triffic.
RT very wise @oznogrd: @amandapalmer is it bad i assume all your pictures are naked on twitter unless @neilhimself posts them?
RT very unsurprised by this @mcvalada: Hooray! : Judge Rejects Google’s Deal to Digitize Books
RT Why not? @LouisatheLast: Still doing the occasional Kickstarter plug?
@kaelee great job!
@poetiscariot Sorry about that.
@LouisatheLast Hurrah! Gluten free nibbles!
@Adebukola Yup. Same one.
@steven_moffat @murraygold @rclarkie @michaelsheen Just watched Episode 4. I am happy. Thank you all very much.
@poetiscariot It's not obligatory. Do not worry.
@poetiscariot Enjoy the books and stories, ignore the twitter feed and the noise...
@meganbeckwith I liked books.
@sebmodio no.
@JadeSongbird It was #1b1c I think.
RT She means it @amandapalmer: RT TWITTERFOLK for secret reasons, i need the years top 10 worst tweets. send! link to original tweet is best
Off to airport. Hope we make it before tonight's Ice Storm hits. Should still be twittering from the road, at least until Sunday.
Told it was @WilliamShatner & Stephen Sondheim's birthdays today, so did Broadway Baby & Comedy Tonight to the car as if Shatner spokenword.
@SanctusViri you're welcome.
@kapnkaty YES.
@FibroDuck yes... talk to @neverwear.
@cindyshapiro I'll do it for you next time I see you.
@PeteVenters happy birthday!
@nataliefisher ask me next time you see me. Maybe I'll do Shatner's SOMETHING ABOUT A WAR for you.
@ohkayewhatever a fine evil laugh.
@Glinner really enjoyed your article on Twitter in Dodgem Logic. (Alan sent me all of them so I'm reading in sequence. )
Being driven by @fablor through the evil ice storm on the way to the airport. This is not actually any fun. Less for her than for me.
@darianknight thank you!
Just finished an interrupted blog entry on the phone. Now I will turn off all electronics and think about Monkey.
Spoke too soon. Ice pellets are delaying everything. They don't de-ice properly, or something. Heigh ho.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY the view from the ice storm: posted by Neil

I was home for a day or so... WARNING:Contains me
RT @1book1chicago: Did we mention that @iamjameskennedy will open things up in his usual entertaining way when @neilhimself comes to Chi ...
@ozma_katiebell ask @amandapalmer.
@Conclusionist that was the 1st of the CBLDF readings...

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