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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From Twitter 03-21-2011

RT @DeathStarPR: @neilhimself Blowing up planets / Keeping the galaxy safe / Dinner alone. Sigh. #MyNightInHaiku
@SaintGothric asking works better.
@queltica I'm not @neilgaiman -- I mean, I don't use it. Good haiku though.
RT @Zenbomb: Do you have to laugh/Every time I tell someone/That I am the night? @neilhimself #mynightinhaiku #imbatman
I'm going to sleep now. Enjoying #mynightinhaiku though. Wonder what it'll have become when I wake.
RT @chowmeinso: @neilhimself Drilling has now stopped / An hour of blissful silence / Time to fix my lunch. #MyNightInHaiku
RT @LaMaupin: @neilhimself Zola, the greatest bookstore cat ever, is sick and needs help. Please RT?
@ALSimmo I am if anyone from there Skypes me.
Theoretically in 6 minutes I will be talking to @geoffryman's class at the University of Manchester about Sandman and stuff. #SittingBySkype
@bdbowen I don't know. I hope so, as long as I live long enough to write it.
@jvancemartin @ALSimmo It was fun...
@JOJOmonster12 is Andy still blogging his class?
@notokay they haven't changed since
@SJLuddem you're welcome. It was odd but fun.
@laurd88 @notanodalisque it was fun! Thanks for being a good audience.
RT Notoriety at last @birdchick: Friend just emailed to tell me that @neilhimself was the $2000 question under "Neils" on Jeopardy today.
@WanderlustLynch the @birdchick can advise better than I can...
@DrWhoExpert Er... I don't actually think I've ever seen an episode of Jeopardy except the SNL parodies...
RT $2000 Q @wyatt_e: "Before writing dark children's books like 'Coraline' & 'The Graveyard Book', he penned a bio of Duran Duran" #Jeopardy
@Bluestalking Not yet.
RT @ReporterAmber: .@neilhimself Drinking in Istanbul / A girl bites my left shoulder / She's escorted away. #MyNightInHaiku
@RachaelRossman THEY JUST CAME BACK FRAMED! #neilwebfail
@marissajeanine you do! You do! Otherwise sad readers will be forced to lives of crime to find out what happened next.
Many of you asking if I really wrote a @duranduran biography. I did in 1984. And it's out there. But not cheap...
@irkdesu I think the title was the publisher's.
@FilmBuffOnLine Still in print...
@SuzDC Much more honorable! I wrote a whole book, age 23, and later became friends with @SimonJCLeBON because of that book.
RT After this, the deluge? @ohkayewhatever: hungry like the wolves in the walls #durangaiman
@Glinner I'm so pleased you're enjoying it!
@smperris Ah, cherish it well.
Talking about expensive books, the Taschen 75 Years of DC is 50% off right now, and is enormous, heavy & beautiful:
RT @KaH_was_taken: @neilhimself e.g. Sydney! the beautiful @KimBoekbinder is heading your way on April 21st! GO!
RT @KatWithSword: @neilhimself "How to Talk to Girls on Film" #durangaiman (The devil made me do it.)
@ifearzombies where?
@julietbonhamcar Thank you. I think.
Just back @RachaelRossman's Calendar Kickstarter, and not just because my dogs are in it:
@clarythefairy I'm sure it is.
@ifearzombies cool!
@neverwear Say hullo from me!
RT ow! @3boysandbooks: Is There Something I Should Snow Glass Apples? @neilhimself #durangaiman
@fairuza they are amazing. The DC book is jaw-dropping (and weighs 16 lbs)
@acrollermom Travelled out, happy, missing my wife, and getting on a plane tomorrow and flying 4,000 miles...
RT @spoon579: @neilhimself Her name is Rio and she dances with the Sandman #durangaiman
@Thunderous44 you're welcome!
RT Now it's getting odd @emclark23: @neilhimself on tv twice in one day. First on #jeopardy and now you were just mentioned on #hawaiifiveo
@meganbeckwith I wish I knew.
@ColleenCoplick Twitter told me!
@Mutantfroginc It's in its 4th edition, and each one has a different co-author updating it...
@amandapalmer mayyyyyybe

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