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Monday, March 21, 2011

From Twitter 03-20-2011

LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY points of departure: posted by Dan Guy

Mr. G is home. I expect we'll ... WARNING:Contains me
@videocognito What a great poster! #Neverwhere #Chicago #1B1C
@bnglebee I heard. I am thrilled! #thursdaynext
@Valya Let me know what you think!
@sharahduh Happy Birthday!
@timothyhudson I wish I remembered how to change the automated whatsit.
@MaluBVargas Exactly. #FLIP
@paulandstorm I should. But I will not.
I need to do a whole blogpost thing on #1B1C - 1 Book 1 Chicago - But just saw this & smiled: (via @videocognito )
@MrBillyBones About 50% decompressed.
Just noticed that on @neverwear has not yet put the price up to $38. Suggest you buy one before price goes up today.
@kellibickmanart I'll RT but don't think you'll get a miracle. Best plan is to figure out what to change next go-around (better incentives?)
@therainsmelody Because she is nice and I'd just twittered that, @neverwear took it back down to $28 again to midnight.
RT @neverwear: save $10 'til midnight tonight..RT @neilhimself
Just noticed that @neverwear has not yet put the ...
Outside there is old snow on the ground, and mud where the snow isn't, and rain in the air: a dreary grey day. I'm still glad to be home.
This is MADNESS! @MitchBenn will superfollow you and write you a song for Comic Relief! 2 Hours to go on auction.
@ChrisSzumigala No. Is it raining there too?
@LusciousLani thank you!
RT @kellibickmanart: plz RT? @neilhimself - hoping for a miracle :) over 350 kids ready to get involved in making great art... http:/ ...
@phantomsmask Alas I will be in another country. You should as @fablor though.
@jfthuecks I've looked at the website and cannot tell. I'd assume so though.
RT @ferricide: second PFJ auction: death the high cost of living signed by neil gaiman, 100% proceeds benefit japan ...
@KerrieJennifer I can't wait. It was great to see Jane and the gang. Dora is nice and Shannon is hilarious. But I miss you most of all.
@cozyrat I do not know. Actually I should see if *I* can get a print as well.
@MsClara Best stuck goddaughter ever.
RT it's true @The_Iceman2288: AWESOME! @michaelsheen is to voice a character in @neilhimself's Doctor Who episode!
@MrMijet amazing.
@DrWhoSpoilers you're welcome.
RT @amandapalmer: the scented folk of @bpal (who made the wondrous Who Killed Amanda Palmer line) helping Red Cross efforts as well: htt ...
A reminder that the new "In Relig Oran" Zulli prints are up for sale at @neverwear's (and are cheap until midnight).
@Tomontherun99 Yes. Although it also takes place in this one for most of it.
Ah. Right. Of course. Sod's law dictates that the first time I ever need Time Machine, the Iomega drive is discovered to be a dead thing.
@johntooker No. I did back when I was first on Twitter, but nobody ever noticed.
@fairuza one of my favourite movies.
@MamaDeeinTN @MsClara Or Ooddaughter...
@oodkind Really well so far.
A signed page of art from Sandman #1 went for $15,000. Gosh.
@neverwear I'm always cheap, dear heart.
@Preternatural__ I do not know.
@mikefederali looks like Crag sold his past page from #50 a week ago -
@1book1chicago It's beautiful! Is there a clean link to it anywhere? And someone's already asked how they can get one...
@mikefederali I'd love a copy. And well done on making your total.
RT @jessebdylan: Fascinating article about: Hardened Criminals Held in Freedom: Doing Time on Norway's Island Prison -
Through the mist: I hear / territorial barred owls / I wait for the dogs. #MyNightInHaiku
RT @meaghangray: @neilhimself calm by candlelight / the air's wet and cool tonight / now i'll read comics #MyNightInHaiku
RT @MollyRobison: Sitting with the dogs/Return of the Jedi on/Red wine for my soul. #MyNightInHaiku @neilhimself
@LiberatumGlobal me too. next time, I guess. People have to ask early for things though.
RT @mrbowers: @neilhimself porn porn porn porn porn / porn porn porn porn porn porn porn / porn porn porn porn porn #MyNightInHaiku
RT @LouisatheLast: @neilhimself The cat on my legs/ heavy and happy and old/was a kitten once. #MyNightInHaiku

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