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Sunday, March 20, 2011

From Twitter 03-19-2011

RT @Koltreg: If you didn't check out Let's Be Friends Again's Sandman comic, it is pretty good (the @neilhimself Sa ...
@Pami_Therese I have.
Landed. Maddy & I turned over by Customs on the way into the US, because we look suspicious. Both embarrassed by laundry revelations.
@kylecassidy cannot wait to see @fairuza pix. Give her my love.
@Lenfunk7 It's the International Terrorist look, Len, isn't it?
@GreyMauser all of them!
RT @neverwear: my interview w/ Mr. Michael Zulli, the @neilhimself Sandman days, MZ's new Kickstarter & LA art show: ...
Home, a bit jet-lagged & out of it, to a house filled with RollerDerby folk, led by @JoanofDarkKnits. I'm sidling into corners, doing email.
@lauriepink ah yes. @amandapalmer is everywhere.
Dear twitterverse, do not send me lots and lots of links to look at, endorse and RT right now, as I am just surfacing & can't look. Alas.
Lovely article about Brazil's FLIP festival: (NB: They SOLD 600 books. But there were 1400 people in my signing line.)
Off to look at the Super Perigee moon in a minute. It's definitely going to be blinking on and off and shooting laser beams, yes? #moon
@tracilawphoto I'm saying that I've been off Twitter for most of 3 weeks, won't read the thousands of messages left, & start fresh tomorrow.
@MARIADAHVANA well, I have to get something. You got the looks and the charm.
@AwfulNormal oh yes.
@cozyrat that is the plan.
@Dollythebutcher grin
Watched the moon, ghostly behind clouds, while roller derby folk discussed the many times they had seen the breasts of someone I don't know.

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